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    Bird Counts

    When do the folks at Fish and Wildlife post the results of their bird counts for this season? Where will I be able to find it? Thanks.
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    Garmin GPS Collar

    Just thought I would report a positive experience with my Garmin tracking collar. Long story short, we lost two dogs and my dog had Garmin tracking collar on. We were able to track her from over 1.5 miles away and she was inside a a ladies house at the time. The collar/receiver did a great...
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    10 day license

    Last year I purchased a SD out of state license and I had to pick two separate five day periods. My brother just purchased a SD license on the phone yesterday and he was told that he could choose consecutive 5 day periods. Has the rule changed that a non-resident can hunt the entire 10 days...
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    Coffee Pot Pheasant Hunting Video

    It getting close to the season! I think there used to be a pheasant hunting video on UP that started with a coffee pot percolating and then some dog shots and pheasant hunting. Anybody remember where I can find this video - it was my favorite and I'd like to see it again. Dan
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    Lower Plain North Waterfowl Lottery

    Hello, I will be hunting pheasants near Cresbard this year and I am thinking I might like to apply for the waterfowl lottery to combine some duck and bird hunting. I believe that Cresbard is in the Lower Plain North area. Do any of you know how difficult it is to draw a ticket to hunt in the...
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    Youth Hunting Opportunity?

    My son is 9 and has been hunting with me since he was six. He has taken multiple deer and some doves. I would like to take him to SD with me to experience pheasant hunting but they way I read the SD regs it appears children cannot hunt until they are 12. Is this accurate or am I missing...
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    12 versus 20

    I thought I posted this question earlier today but I guess I did not hit the submit button. I will try again. I want a 20 gauge for doves and would like to also use it on pheasant. I carried a 7.5 pound 12 gauge this year and it was fine but I certainly noticed the weight a lot more than I did...
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    Best Applications for Hunting

    I am not very computer savvy, but I know there are some useful APPs that folks download that can show state hunting areas, boundaries and such. I think the SD Game and Fish has such an App. What are some of the better Apps out there for bird hunters, or hunters in general. They don't have to...
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    I want to Hunt Huns

    I went on my first pheasant hunt this past Fall (Thanks Hockeybob) and can't wait to do it again. It had been many years since I had hunted upland birds other than doves and now it's all I can think about. I would really like to hunt Huns, but not sure the best places to look. I live in South...
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    GPS Collar Availability

    Quick question - Is Garmin the only company that offers a GPS dog tracking color combined with a training collar? I know Garmin makes good stuff, but it tends to be over my head and I find myself continuously frustrated by having to re-learn my equipment each and every time I go out. I was...
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    Best Retrieving Pointer??

    As far as the ability to retrieve goes, which pointers do you think posses the most natural abilities? I am thinking a pointing lab, but on the other hand, most folks would say that is merely a retriever that can point. Between the Brittany's, GSPs, Viszla,'s and setters, which do you think...
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    Cocker Versus Springer

    Other than size, what are the characteristics that cause these two breeds to be different. Some folks say they are essentially the same except for size, but other have said they work a field differently. Do they both retrieve equally well? I will be hunting doves extensively and also...
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    Atlas Questions

    I have a SD Atlas that I am looking at but I am not sure of some of the acronyms used for the various properties. What is CREP, CHAP and LOWAA. Are the school properties normally crops or pasture? When they reference game production areas (GPA) does that mean that there has been a concerted...
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    Looking for Female Springer

    I am looking for female springer. I would like to find one as soon as possible so that she can be old enough to hunt next Fall. I would preferably like to find a black & white one. I have searched high and low and it appears there are lots of pups that will be born in March, but not many on...
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    Big Thanks to HockeyBob

    I traveled from S.C. up to the Cresbard, SD area with HockeyBob, his brother and father. Had a great four days of hunting and awesome companionship. We got on roosters everyday. It was everything I thought pheasant hunting would be! Thanks Bob. Dan
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    Programs/Books/DVD's for training

    What are some of the more popular programs or DVD's for training pointers and flushers. Not sure where to start. I have only trained one pointer and she pretty much trained herself with the exception of sit. stay and the dead bird command. Regarding flushers and pointers, I would need some...
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    Close Working Pointers

    I am thinking about a new dog. I have not decided if I am going to buy a flushing breed or a pointer. I have had pointers in the past and I am just not sure a flusher is going to bring me as much pleasure as seeing my dog locked up and quivering on point. All that said, I have not ruled out a...
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    All, It has been a very long time since I owned a bird dog. No E-collars were available then. Can someone educate me on collars? What are the various types and what are they normally used for? What about GPS tracking devices, are there E-collars that have a GPS tracking device installed...
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    Best Bird Hunting Paradise

    I am five years away from retirement and really want to get back into heavy bird hunting once I am done with work. There are very few quail left in the south so I will need to look elsewhere for upland birds. What are your opinions on the best upland hunting the country has to offer. It...
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    What is the difference

    I see their are different kinds of spaniels What is the difference between an English Springer spaniel, , a Springer Spaniel and Field bred Springer Spaniel?