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  1. dvmweb

    dog vest

    I have a cheapie that I had altered to be narrow at the sternum. It works fairly well. He runs really hard and it still rubs him. I need something that is soft. I don’t really care if it doesn’t last only one season.
  2. dvmweb

    New strap vest

    Little spendy. Made in USA.
  3. dvmweb

    Anyone Input on the Sport Dog Collars

    You’ll find may of us here have the Garmin Alpha. 100 or 200i. Really spendy but easy to use and very dependable. You can sometimes find them refurbished, by Garmin, or used. I had the 100 and now the 200i. GPS for you and your dog, training collar. 200i has inReach satellite available, by...
  4. dvmweb

    dog vest

    I’ve had a hard time finding a vest that won’t chafe my dogs too, gsp’s, especially in their armpits. Orvis sold one a long time ago that didn’t. It would only last a season or two but I didn’t care. Mendota skid plate, Cuga, Sylmar, etc. all rub my dogs raw. Any new ideas?
  5. dvmweb

    Looking to make a few day trip to Kansas late November.

    From Northern Michigan. Any ideas about where to stay. Maybe rent a house. 3-5 guys. 4-6 dogs. General area. Looking for quail and phez. We have pretty good dogs. We’ve never been. We’ve been to IA, SD, ND, Nebraska. Thanks.
  6. dvmweb

    Need Rivers West pointer vest, large

    Hello, I need a size large Rivers West blaze orange pointer vest for my smaller dog. I bought an xl for my larger dog and really like it. Does anyone know where I can find one? I have looked online with no succes. Seems everyone is out of this size. Thank you.
  7. dvmweb

    Heading to Jamestown area this weekend.

    Any birds. This will be our first trip to Jamestown area to hunt. Ducks in AM and Phez in PM. 4 guns, 3 dogs. We went to western ND earlier and did ok. Thanks. Walt
  8. dvmweb

    Looking for a one day hunt around New England

    Our group has hunted nw ND for the past 7 years. We have friends in the area and have been able to hunt private land. There are 4-6 of us, depending on who goes. Does anyone have a good suggestion on Pay to Hunt in SW ND for one day, Wednesday October 19, 2011? I understand that is how it is...
  9. dvmweb

    If possible, no bs, no ad, just those who have been there...

    My friends and I have been going to ND these last few years. We want to try SD around Winner, second week of season. Three to four days. 4-6 guys. We can pay some to "trespass". We want to have the SD clouds of pheasant experience. Have a Motorhome and towed Jeep for local transport. So, if...
  10. dvmweb

    Best practical joke.

    Went to nd this year, 5 of us, with one new guy. We weren't doing well one morning, not many birds, beat up crp, and it was really warm. Saw a few hens. Well we were going to meet back at the trucks, but, I went across the road and my dog chased a bird for about 1/2 a mile up a fence row, gave...
  11. dvmweb

    Headin' to ND from MI

    We're heading to western ND in the AM from northern MI. 4th trip for me. Great time. Great hunting. Great people in ND. I'll report. Walt MI/USA
  12. dvmweb


    All Right! I'm brand new here. My friends and I are going from MI to western ND to pheasant hunt. This will be my 4th year. We also play music, Bluegrass, C and W, R and R, etc. Last year we took our acoustic instruments and played in a little bar, on a Monday night. Folks just loved it. We...
  13. dvmweb

    Here's one for ya!

    Alright, :p My friends and I are going from Northern Michigan (Gaylord Area) to Watford City ND (west part of ND) to hunt the pheasant. We are taking our band, that's us, and our drummer can't go now. So, if you can play drums, you can sing and want to hunt pheasants in ND, here's your chance...
  14. dvmweb

    Just found UPH. Interesting.

    Howdy; I live in northern Michigan. Been fortunate enough to pheasant hunt in southern MI in my early days. More recently I've been to Nebraska, Iowa and North Dakota. I have a GSHP and a Weimeraner. I hunt ruffed grouse where I live now. Walt MI/USA