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  1. dakotasj

    2023 Season Pictures of Birds, Guns And Dogs

    Thanks! We did. Dogs are healing up and looking forward to another trip soon.
  2. dakotasj

    South Dakota Limit for a 77 year old hunter!

    At only 74, I'm very impressed and can only pray I can still go at 77. Obviously, a gorgeous Brittany!!
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    2023 Season Pictures of Birds, Guns And Dogs

    Last week SD. Only 3-man limit in the 4 days we hunted - some bad shooting, 29 total. Our average age was 70. Did not see as many birds as I expected/ hoped to see. Weather was on the warm side. Brits, Kate, Rocky, Snowy and Reece, (2 are 10 years old) did awesome early but had 2 on IR the...
  4. dakotasj

    Huron, SD

    OK my 2 cents.... Been going to Huron for 28 years, at least once a year, if I'm lucky 3-4 times per year. My best advise -- 1. Do not go opening week, unless you like crowds, maybe 90-degree heat, long lines at restaurants, getting beat to public areas before shooting hours, rude other...
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    At what point do you retire your dog?

    I can only hope!
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    At what point do you retire your dog?

    Your thread got me to thinking (too much time on my hands). When do I retire from chasing bird dogs and pheasants? Couple of my thoughts/ points -- 1. Don't mind hunting with a couple of other friends, the comradery is enjoyable, but I truly love hunting alone with just one of my dogs - just...
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    At what point do you retire your dog?

    I wish I could give you the right answer. Twice I've carried dogs out of the field, exhausted, that I had raised from birth, because I thought they could still hunt in the terrain and conditions I put them. I was wrong and I think it was cruel. They deserved better respect. For me, I hope the...
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    Best Dogs

    Birdman2 said --- All Brits. Starting out 45 years ago I had no experience training bird dogs. Deer hunting buddies did, and I got the disease. My dogs - 1. Duchess 1978 - Only hunted ruff grouse in mountains of East TN. Late 70s. She attacked a skunk one time. Not a pleasant drive back home in...
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    Hunting with a brittany dog

    I agree with Zeb. Genetics plays a role for sure. Some dogs, including Brits, are just naturally faster, bolder and have more energy. I've had some dogs that will check to see where I am more often than others - it was just in their DNA. Training and experience are a big part of how a bird dog...
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    Pheasant update

    2 to 4 depending on January weather. License for me is at the low end of what I spend. 1227 miles one way.
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    Most popular breeds for pheasant

    I've got no quarrel with that at all. But as some say, "On the other hand"... there is something special about a Brit locked up on a gorgeous point 60 yards away. Then to walk up, at a quick pace, flush a rooster 8 yards in front of a steady dog's nose, that's special too. Even better with...
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    Lets See Your some pic's

    From a FB post. I had to look twice.
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    Thanks. I've raised Britts for 40 years so I'm very fond of the breed. Used to run 6, I'm down...

    Thanks. I've raised Britts for 40 years so I'm very fond of the breed. Used to run 6, I'm down to my last 3. The one in front is my youngest and I'm sure my last. His style came naturally and has the most prey drive I've ever seen. His Mom is out of Grand Junction Jake and Dad out of NLB...
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    Number 5 or 6? Pattern Pics Included.

    How long until the opener? TOO LONG! Heck I just fired up the lawn mower for the first time this year and that's a long season.
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    Public Land/Walk In guide for South Dakota

    I think you can sign up on the sdgfp website. I get a packet in the mail each year, I think it's free. It's been a while since I signed up, but I get it every year without requesting. It may even come because I purchased a license.
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    The truth about Prairie Storm

    Wing Shooter, Great response. No disagreement with your points.
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    What else do you hunt?

    It depends on the decade-- In my youth - 60s - it was rabbits, quail, ruff grouse. There were no deer, turkey or elk where I lived then. Deer season started in the early 70s, gun but I got completely hooked on bow hunting - buck only for years. Turkey showed up 10 years later. Pheasant hunting...
  18. dakotasj

    The truth about Prairie Storm

    From a dandy-out-of-stater that never has hunted the groomed preserves outside my home state and don't "road" hunt, one that you believe has been "hood-winked." Agree nothing much matters if you are pointing wrong. Shells don't help much if you just miss, and I've had my share of those...
  19. dakotasj

    The truth about Prairie Storm

    So, I'm going to weigh in on this discussion and understand I may regret it. Facts - my opinion and memory-- 1. Been carrying a shotgun in the field for 60 years, pheasant hunting 25 years with my Britts. 2. Done the reloading thing for a lot of years. 3. I've used PS for pheasants for several...
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    Gas Prices

    Careful now... Said another Tennessean.