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    Onx for SD

    Nonsense. Shooting towards the roadway, 70 yards away according to A5 Sweet 16's assertion, is a hazard. Period. If you don't agree, park your vehicle 70 yards away, sit in it and have someone shoot at it. Now imagine you are traveling 65MPH, focusing on the road. Even the visual of someone...
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    Onx for SD

    Please leave the video up on YouTube. I'm going to use it, and your response here, for my next Hunter's Safety class. It really is a extraordinary piece of specious justification. In 30+ years of teaching this stuff I've learned that when you challenge an older hunter on their gun safety, they...
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    Onx for SD

    Holy crap, dude! At the 5:49 mark you are shooting directly at a freaking busy freeway. The bird is in line with the lane of traffic when you pull the trigger and you are damn close to the road. Luck only that a vehicle isn't there when you shot. Very poor gun safety.
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    Local PF Banquets

    I believe it was Joe Soucheray who called Minnesota "the state where absolutely nothing is allowed."
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    More rain! Widespread!

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    More rain! Widespread!

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    Banded Bird

    I shot a banded bird in NoDak a few years back and it turned out that Windsor and the local Chamber of Commerce had put birds out for some kind of promo. They sent me a hat and t-shirt (I didn't even get a bottle!)
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    The End?

    Yes. Hok skis too, which are very short, wide X-country skis. Like others have said, snowshoes aren't bad to hunt from if you are in open country (think prairie) but it gets significantly less fun in brush or cattails.
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    What would you do?

    Well, I know I wouldn't ask him to scout for me anymore :-)