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  1. joeg

    Semi Automatic 20 Gauge Recommendations

    They are made by Armsan in Turkey. Not my first choise in gun makers. (they also make Tristar) However, after watching a Randy Wakeman vid. I decided to take a chance. What I like 1. It fits me perfectly (just lucky) 2. Easy to load. My Benelli's are thumb busters. Combination of cold hands and...
  2. joeg

    Semi Automatic 20 Gauge Recommendations

    I have several 20 gauge guns. Winchester SX3, Benelli M2, Benelli Monty, Browning Citori White Lightning and Mossberg SA 20. For the last 3 years I've taken the Mossberg on my trips for pheasant to South Dakota. Never regreted it.
  3. joeg

    Sold thanks

    I have a Filson Tin Cloth Game Bag (reg. size I think) in very good condition. Just applied a fresh coat of wax $65 Shipped Thanks
  4. joeg

    Rate your past season

    Another great year in SD. Good dog, good friends and plenty of Crown
  5. joeg

    Lets See Your some pic's

    This is Dipper 8 yrs. old and great little dog.
  6. joeg

    Are you staying home?

    I'm with the "No Way" crowd. Missed 1 year out of the last 16 and promised myself, never again.
  7. joeg

    Sun setting on another season and a career for Breez

    Her passing will leave a hole in your heart. Time will cure it. Sorry