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    NEWS FLASH: Drought ends at Ponderosa

    Glad you guys are keeping an eye on things. Been wild one to the east still very droughty.
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    I was in their store in the Seattle airport yesterday, High priced now , but so were they in the 80's, when I bought most of mine from the old original store down by the baseball field. The stuff from 1988 is just broke in if it still fits. 🙂 buy it once kind of deal, the duffle bags will be...
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    Oh good God, PF

    And should be!
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    Roadside Survey

    Looks like the ice storm on top of the snow did a typical number on my area. It was bad for awhile, evidently too long.
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    Decent report...

    I was talking to ND farmers this week. Sounds the same as the nutty guy said. Relatives claim the corn crop in the bootheel is going to be very good. Unless La Nina cuts loose it is gonna stay dry.
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    Anyone interested in trading?

    What do you need? a case?
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    Various observations....

    Great post BB. It's been a year for the memory bank. Nothing epic, but solid to very good bird numbers everywhere I hunted. The prairies are special, I miss the early morning drive doing 75 for miles down a 2 lane blacktop without meeting another car for an hour of driving. I enjoy hunting...
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    Every trick in the book

    I see them in trees most everywhere except KS. Depends how cold it is. A sunny very cold morning, and I think they climb up to get out of the frigid layer next to the ground and in some early sun.
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    Rain? has anybody seen anything like it?

    I'm 54, I remember roads disappearing that were there as long as anybody could remember. I remember flooded farmsteads 100 years old under 10 ft of water in the Dakotas. There was a cattail slough south of white lake that became a deep lake with ducks on it instead of pheasants. This seems...
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    Here is something interesting

    Worth a read:
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    IOWA Reports 2017

    Finally a cool day to hunt on the opener. The dogs and all three of us lasted the whole day. Consensus in central and SE is tough hunting. There was no significant hatch. I looked at 25-30 birds between ours, other hunters, and the hotel. All were beautiful with long spurs and long tails...
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    Forecast is out Looks like ksbowhunter was right, pheasants are down in the in the west and SW, likely due to a spring Blizzard, suprise! The northern high plains will be down in a mirror of SW NE. I could not find brood counts yet. Overall looks...
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    What's a crowd?

    Last post and answers got me to thinking. What is a crowd when hunting. Dove season opened the first here, I went before work to watch, I counted 14 guys in a 6 acre patch of mowed sunflowers. I knew two of them. If you knew what you were doing it was not terribly dangerous. I personally...
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    ?What is "good" Pheasant hunting to you?

    With the bird counts being down, from not so great numbers to begin with, I'm doing some adjusting to fall plans all ready. A guy needs time to schedule time off and so on. The reason so many go to the Dakota's is for good bird hunting! I can travel a couple of hours here in MO and kill 1-2...
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    Nebraska mail carrier survey is out Quail just keep climbing and hanging in there. Pheasants who knows?
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    Walked out on the deck Saturday morning and listened to bird on my side of the ridge hollering to another across the road. They must be busted up and starting. 5 weeks till season, they might be hatching by start of season, with as early as spring has started.
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    Mentered Dove Hunts

    NWTF, MDC, and QF partnered on several dove fields throughout the state this year. We lost one to rain and the other locally looks really good. There are several spots left. Go to MONWTF and follow links. Signup deadline is the 26th.:o
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    dog boxes

    Anybody have any experience with houndsmen brand, it's time to order that one or an Owens..for the coming fall. Thx
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    spring birds

    saw a pair of quail this morning and heard several during turkey season. Not real common in these parts, but things are looking up so far.
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    ooh, ooh, Radar looks good

    Hope you guys get the rain that's needed. :)