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  1. Crossing shot

    Free 18 month old britt

    Due to health problems, I am thinking about rehoming a 18 month old female britt. She was going to be sold as a started dog until she failed her hip test. The trainer said she did well last year in South Dakota. I got her in February and haven't worked her much. I haven't seen a problem with...
  2. Crossing shot

    See head, shoot head

    About 80% of my shots on quail do not require a lead. See head, shoot head. Yesterday, put a dove decoy in the back yard. A few times a day, I will pick up a shotgun, focus on the decoy's head, mount gun, and dry fire on the decoy's head. This is how I learned to shoot with both eyes open. I...
  3. Crossing shot

    Year of the rooster

    Just found out tis is the year of the rooster on the Chinese zodiac cycle. I am hoping this is good karma.
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    Deworming dogs

    I was thinking about deworming my dogs. I do not know if they need treatment. I have four dogs. I live in Northwest Missouri. Last time I took a fecal sample to the vet, it costs me $32 just for the testing. That was 10 years ago. I can almost buy dewormer for 4 dogs for that price. However, I...
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    Bird flu outbreak

    Several reports of pheasants dying from bird flu in Rooks county. Hunting may be banned in northwest Kansas next fall.
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    How's the wheat?

    Lots of rain during 2015/2016 season, then a short dry spell. Last season was very hot and dry and dry since. Wondering how the wheat is faring? The long range forecast looks good for rain.
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    Can male tell if female intact

    When a female is not in heat, can the male tell if she is intact?
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    Britt vs GSP

    I have always had brittanys. My brother always had GSPs. I rehomed a GSP a couple years ago. Without him, I would not have hunted last year's opening week when it was hot. I just got a 1 yo britt. She looks like a runner. I need to pair her with a boot licker. Britt or GSP. I do not like the...
  9. Crossing shot

    Bad hips

    I have a chance to get a free one year old britt out of a good bloodline. There is some concern on her hips. The breeder/trainer said her gait changes in the field. My vet called me this morning. He told me about the dog and said if the hips are alright with him will I take the dog. I said yes...
  10. Crossing shot

    Need a britt pup immediately

    Had to retire my 14 yo close working britt. Trying to find a female britt pup now so it will be ready to go next season. Any help would be appreciated.
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    What I miss from young dogs

    Hunting with two nine year olds this year. Most nights they stay in the house. When I put my hunting clothes on, they notice and come watch. I miss the excitement of a young dog in the morning. When I open my eyes in the morning, I need a dog jumping all over me. LET'S GO HUNTING!!! Next year.
  12. Crossing shot

    Shout Out to Pzazz Dog Food

    At the end of bird season last year, my 9 year old britt would not put weight on one her back legs after a hunt. This continued until October. She has always been fat even though she eats less than my other dogs. I was about ready to take her to the vet for a thyroid test. Instead I put her on...
  13. Crossing shot

    Afternoon quail hunting

    Looks like hot weather for the opener. I always quit quail hunting at 3 o'clock in cold weather. What about hot weather? After 3 o'clock in hot weather is a lot more comfortable than 1 o'clock. Hunt dawn and dusk in hot weather?
  14. Crossing shot

    Wooden dog box

    Building a wooden dog box. Brother-in-law is a carpenter. He says use 7/16 OSB. I think he says that because it's the cheapest. What type of plywood do you use?
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    Whose quail?

    You didn't know another group was hunting this parcel. The two groups have seen each other and have safely altered course. A huge covey gets up from your dog's point and flies in front of the other group. Who hunts these singles?
  16. Crossing shot

    Gene and Summer

    Gene was my buddy's dad. We hunted once when I was young. A quail got up. After Mark and I emptied our guns, Gene shot once and the quail fell. Thirty years later, this would be Gene's last hunt. Summer was a twenty-five pound britt. She was the best retriever I have hunted with, which includes...
  17. Crossing shot

    Enough grain storage

    Birds doing well over a large area. That means crops are doing well. Couple years ago one of my favorite places had standing corn into January. Is there enough storage space for the new crop?
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    Practicing anything new?

    Added a routine to my home mounting/dryfire practice. Put a decoy out in the yard. I turn my back to the decoy. When I pretend hear the decoy flush, first thing I do is get my focus on the bird. While I am turning, I appraise the shot. Do I need to lead?. If little or no lead is required, I turn...
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    Spend money

    Iowa spilled the beans. Best quail year in many years. I am old enough to remember the 80s. Everyone had either a bird or coon dog. The shooting range had leagues. You found your new pup in the want ads. (Now you make a regional search.) Money was being spent. Missouri is investing in walk-in...
  20. Crossing shot

    Thyroid medication

    My nine year old britt has always been fat. Since she doesn't eat anymore than my other dogs, I always assumed it was a thyroid issue. In the past, I decided not to give the medication since she's a running son of a gun. Now I can see how losing a little weight might be a good thing. Has anyone...