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    28 guage

    Which load has 500 more pellts than a 28 gauge? Kinda hesitent to ask a 28 gauge guy about loads, ngl
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    28 guage

    Nah bro. We're both all about that bearded clam.
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    28 guage

    I suppose your right. You don't even have to aim with a 12 gauge. 🤡
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    28 guage

    And weaker if Im pickin up what bbb is puttin down. I guess if your old or not strong a little 28 guage might be nice for ya but I don't get these young dudes being obsessed with them. Other than the brokeback nature the 28s provide
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    28 guage

    My buddy always says that a 28 gauge is the perfect gun for guys with boyfriends. What happened to dudes just being dudes and carryin a 12?
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    2023/2024 Pheasant Hunting Videos

    I like them videos. I gotta say if I don't seen a roo after 4 hunts I am prolly gonna lay the woods to the first hen that pops up in front of me, lulz
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    Where to go in December?

    Exactly. I have heard people say the same thing about pin birds and disease like avean flu. And them deer will never be like a wild one even if it spent a hunderd days away from the barn
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    Where to go in December?

    Here ya go. Show up and pay money and shoot a trophy. No different than they guy that spends all fall chasin a big one with his bow and arrow right.
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    Weird situation on public land in MN

    Cuz its got more rounds and is easier to maneuver in a tight situation. I don't want to ever use it but like thinblueline says I ain't gonna back down neither.
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    Weird situation on public land in MN

    That's why I always carry a concealed pistol on me no matter where i go. There are some crazys out there and you just never know when things might pop off and you gots to defend whats yours and stand your ground.
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    Let's Bitch (Can't Hunt)

    Growing up we always called the dudes that were cheap jews. or if your at a sale and try to get a lower price its called jewing someone down on price. It don't have anything to due with where they go to church its just an expression. If you guys are offended I am sorry.
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    Let's Bitch (Can't Hunt)

    Not sure who the "certain Person" is, but that would make the most sense. Otherwise you got a jew buddy who holds off shooting just cuz he doesnt want to chip in a buck. The great one said you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Roosters matter, not shotgun shells.
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    More pheasants than ever before!!

    Thats good to hear but I seen some guy that owns a bunch of land is pretty serious hunter by Pierre and he said that out there the winter killed most of them. Jiston INbright, I think his name is. Pretty knowlegable dude.
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    Pheasant and Red-Legged Partridge Hunting Near Lisbon Portugal

    Cool story Stephen King. Augement the population means pen raised birds, or flare nares, like some of them guys call tame roodies. And who says "auto loading" shotguns. This is a phez hunting forum and I think your story is nothing but a spam advertisement for some hipster hunting club...
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    From the Aberdeen coaltion

    Dam thats crazy. I didn't know that possums and skunks and coons were hunting adult pheasants too. I thought they were just goig after the eggs and nests.
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    Good News For All Hunters

    Games that pay real money??? How about robots that make real posts? Or trolls spamming web forums. Unless your the hot chick on the right in your avatar, no one wants you here.
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    Near Des Moines. We got a few birds around. I usually hunt with my buddy he's got a lab. HMU...

    Near Des Moines. We got a few birds around. I usually hunt with my buddy he's got a lab. HMU sometime. Gavin Johnson on SnapChat.
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    South Dakota Guide

    I got my thoughts on Hyres response but have to agree that the SD DNR doesn't do the brood survey no more. They got wildlife biologists checking on things but the routes and volunteers on those routes for the brood survey ain't happening no more. And even thought I only hunted SD one time I...
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    Red River

    I was out this passed weekend and ran into some old buddies from high school. One guy was talking about how bad miller lite beer is but he cant have bud lite no more. But then he said he was going to mass the next day. so supporting a group of kiddy diddlers is okay but not transformers.
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    A thought on shooting technique

    geezuz, you guys have soft feelings. I wasn't saying anything bad about using an elctric screen just trying to help a guy out. At least the dude is man enough to admit that he uses is but then has to talk shit about flushers and call them bootlickers.