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    Ways to prepare huns for the table?

    Our group had local Asian resturants prepare them in different stir fry’s and tempura battered Hun strips. Another favorite was taking the Huns breasts flattened and breaded and served with mild Asian bbq sauce. We tried to copy what we had tasted and came pretty close. If it says “Chop Suey...
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    28 guage

    Smoked = Dead in the Air
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    Lots of hunters

    CAPITALISM in Heartland USA, still much better than Europe. Sorry Goose, we can see what is happening. :(
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    Bird limits

    A workman never blames his tools.
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    O/U with a Student Budget

    Quality wears on, long after the price is forgotten. Get what you want. I'd buy a quality used gun in the upper end of your price range.
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    Looking for a new to me 28 gauge. Reccomendations.

    Nice Bob, another upscale squirrel hunter. Do you need more pelts for a squirrel vest?? Pants, vest, gloves, hat and maybe a jock strap where the squirrel might hide his nuts. Great form.
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    Unpopular opinion - dog caught a hen

    Nick my son, 5 Hail Mary's and 10 Our Fathers. Will forgive you 🙏 🙏
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    O/U with a Student Budget

    Need a expensive gun to put in back of that Escalade and prevent a car jacking.:) Lots of good info here.
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    O/U with a Student Budget

    Those safeties on those Browning types can be modified and so they can't stick in the middle of the H. (If you can interpret my explanation)
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    Unpopular opinion - dog caught a hen

    You betcha, those were frugal times.
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    Best affordable lodge for a trip?

    Your dog won’t care where the egg was hatched. Enjoy your choices.
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    Unpopular opinion - dog caught a hen

    There was a time when pheasants were thick in SD and many share croppers literally lived off the land. That meant hens, as roosters were saved for gentleman hunters. One share cropper I talked to said they only ate beef or pork 6-8 times a year. Again these were times when birds were more...
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    O/U with a Student Budget

    A great field gun is one that is reliable and you have one shot kills, whether $500 or $5000. Pretty is in the eyes of the beer holder. :) 🍺
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    Late Season Advice

    No waste beans because they have been eaten, good sign actually. :)
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    Welcome from NW Wisconsin
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    Golden Retriever question

    The dog on the right in my picture is a littermate to Roxie.
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    Golden Retriever question

    How old is Roxie? We might have a sister as the golden girls in the pic are now 2,4 and 6 years old.
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    Golden Retriever question

    Why can't they roll in roses?? The worst was my friend's dog Sandy trying to walk on a liquid manure pit at ground level, too thick too swim and too thin to walk on. I stretched a ways to pull my friends dog out. Almost a fatal accident. That golden reeked for weeks. Each bath only helped...
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    Wasting birds

    Maybe just placed on the back bumper and forgot them until they were too far down the road. I know it has happened with guns before. I'd like to think a forgetful act and not intentional. Either way it's wasteful.
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    Golden Retriever question

    GB, Buckshot Retrievers, Minocqua, WI Two belong to one son and one to my other son. I also have a house muppet springer that has zero prey drive, but a good shadow for my wife. The girls are 43#-47# and have plenty of prey drive for extended out of state trips. I got my first FB golden in...