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    Colorado Forum Members

    Hunted out east last Sunday - on snowshoes. No luck but flushed two hens…
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    Colorado Forum Members

    I’m going to try these last two weekends, but it’s been a tough and frustrating season in Colorado for me. I have also hunted SW Nebraska several times as well with good success on sharptails but not much at all for pheasants. Still, it’s fun to go out and watch my dog work!!
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    Labrador - First Duck Hunt

    Nice job for a young dog - very nice to see!!
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    CO Pheasant Help

    You’re welcome! The closer you get to Kansas/Nebraska the better things are generally - and in most years. Good luck and have fun!
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    Pheasant coloration

    Sounds like two immature (this year’s hatch) roosters hanging out with a mature rooster. I always marvel at the colors on a mature rooster pheasant!
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    CO Pheasant Help

    OriginalOscar, Colorado pheasant hunting can vary dramatically from year to year depending on weather/moisture. So far so good this year over most of the pheasant range. If you look at drought maps eastern Colorado is in fairly good shape this year, which means there was moisture for nesting...
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    Anyone had experience with a peripheral nerve sheath tumor?

    "Think it might..." Not 'This no...'
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    Anyone had experience with a peripheral nerve sheath tumor?

    I have a Labrador, she will be 10 in June. She had one removed in May 2019. Common for them to come back; hers did and had it removed again (same spot) almost a year to the day in May 2020. This no it might be coming back again. Anyone else dealt with this issue? Good thing is they do not...
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    Which upland semi-auto for pheasant?

    Beretta A300 Outlander is a great autoloader for the money. Walnut, synthetic, camo synthetic. After 40+ years of shooting shotguns with the safety in the back of the trigger guard of on the tang, it didn't take long at all to get used to the safety in front of the trigger guard. But it is a bit...
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    Supplements for joints

    I have used Phycox for my last three Labradors with very good success. The first Lab I used it on was having diarrhea issues with rimadyl; She was about 9-1/2 at the time and that wasn't going to work. So I heard about Phycox and tried it. It took about 3 maybe 4 weeks before I saw results, but...
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    Hunting clothes for sale in classifieds

    See classifieds
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    Hunting clothes for sale

    I have a brand new Browning Dirty Bird jacket in max4 with the tags still on - never worn, wrong size for me. It's an XL, and am asking $200 for it. I also have Columbia wool Monarch Pass jacket and bibs. I wore them a couple times and they are in great shape. New they are about $250 for the...
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    One dog vs. two

    After my accident where I tragically lost one of my labs (see the main forum for the ice warning), I am concerned that my 1-1/2 year old is a little lonesome. The reason I got her was because Abbey was an EIC dog and I knew I would not be able to hunt her very much. Now that Abbey is gone, I...
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    lost 870

    I last a Remington 870 Synthetic Express in Sheboygan Marsh several years ago. I moved away to Colorado and was surfing Google earth and I see the marsh looks like it is almost dry. I thought if anyone was poking around out there and happens to bump into it, I would sure like to have it back...
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    Shooter Browning A5

    Anyone interested in a shooter Belgium made A5 Light Twelve? Made in 1962, 26" barrel w a Polychoke. Works great, just need a gas auto 20 after two shoulder surgeries. Put a new recoil spring in it two years ago from Brownells. I have pictures if anyone is interested. It's only $300...
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    Camping areas for pheasant season

    I have a pop up camper and am interested in camping areas out east during pheasant season. I am tired of driving the 2 to 2-1/2 hours from Springs then driving back the same day. Can't camp on the walk-in areas obviously, so I was interested to know if others do this.
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    Dog Boots

    Anyone use dog boots in western Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado...anywhere else with sand burrs, goatheads, etc.?? What works, what stays on? I have heard some just use duct tape.