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    Praying for you and your neighbors during the fire

    Praying for you and your neighbors during the fire
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    Hello All

    I found that i had to knock on doors for antelope. After a hard day and many "No, can't help" replies, the last two said yes. We have got 4 antelope in the last two seasons. I think it is time to try the same with pheasant. Last year was tough. This year should be about the same. Need to...
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    Can anyone with a bird dog get away during the week to hunt private land in Phillips County ? I have access to lots of acreage but no dog.

    Retired, with an 8 year old lab and 9 month old in training. Also like the small group of 2 or 3 . Feel free to PM. As always, looking for another hunting buddy. Wes
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    Here's to a good year!

    Too busy to post last year and in pretty much the same position this year. Much of that is work related but funny how I am busier with both girls off at school and it being just me and the wife. :) Made it to Kansas last year and got 10 birds in 6 days. Didn't limit out the entire time so it...
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    West LaFayette, Indiana-LOST BLACK LAB

    My brother's 2 year old, black lab, Gracie, got out at night without a collar. She's been gone for three days. Please contact me if you have heard anything.
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    Opening day!

    Lets hear the stories and see the pictures! How was opening day everybody?
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    I spent parts of two hours last night writing a message that said thanks to those that post, talked about the thread giving out info on where to hunt, and about dogs lost (thanks again for the notes), about the new pup and season and about possibly meeting some of you, etc. etc. All day, I was...
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    Sadie has a lump. The news was bad this morning. The vet said the sarcoma is the worst (fastest) kind. Two days ago during the ultrasound he said he suspected it was bad and she might only have until the "end of the year". After getting the lab work back he changed that to "by halloween". We...
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    Scoob Webguy Sitzdown Bullmoose45

    Thank you. I was busy the week before and during Thanksgiving but want to thank you for your replies to my earlier post, "So Dakota via Albuquerque". I ended up heading to Kansas the Sunday after Thanksgiving and did walk-in areas in the NW, Graham and Norton areas. I had a great time...
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    South Dakota via Albuquerque

    Hi all. I am planning to travel to Colo Springs for Thanksgiving (watch Colorado Buffs play the Huskers too), then up to SD for the first time the week after. I am going to be traveling with my hunting partner, Sadie. We plan to leave Sunday morning for SD, then hunt Mon-Fri and spend Fri night...
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    Albuquerque Addict

    Did some hunting in Ne. during jr. high. I amd still addicted and have to be creative every year to hunt. NM has a 4 day season in Dec. and I have been making trips to Ne and Ks the last few years. Have a black lab, Sadie, my first dog. I continue to be amazed at how great she is and that no...