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    What the KDWP Blames It On

    I understand and agree that this is probably part of it. Although producers deal with government "control" already and to a significant degree. has a spooky, stalker-like database of farm subsidies that includes many of the farm programs, including CRP. All those programs have...
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    What the KDWP Blames It On

    In the past I've posted links to the pages on their site that describe that program. But just because, here it is again: FWIW, the "Habitat First Gallery" is blank. :( I've always wondered...
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    Opening Day in Kansas

    I was very tempted to go, but the dogs needed a break after Sunday (19th), Wednesday, and Friday. Trace's vest has rubbed his armpits so raw that I was getting pressure at home to let him heal. Scout has a big barbed wire scratch/cut on her chest that also needs a couple of days. For the most...
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    I got into it once with a desk clerk about my reservation. I made the reservation on-line. The listing and my confirmation clearly said dogs were allowed, but it seems only some rooms were dog-friendly and those were already taken. After arguing for a few minutes it was clear that she wasn't...
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    Opening Day in Kansas

    I've written about this many times. The answer very much depends on who is providing the answer. I see it this way: Landowners: deer KDWP: deer taxidermists: deer gear makers: deer And it's not even close for these stakeholders. Hotels, restaurants, gas stations, etc.: pheasants And it's a lot...
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    First South Dakota trip was a blast

    For me, anything smaller than a 223 is unsatisfactory and anything bigger, even a 22-250, you loose sight picture under recoil. I have 25-06 that I load with 75 grain Vmaxes, but I only shoot it when the 223 is cooling. That 75 grain Vmax is SHORT. That bullet is hanging in that case by just...
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    Opening Day in Kansas

    Borrowing GetTothePoint's lingo, we had a several spots that were " pretty crappy" and several that "could have been better". One WIHA that has always held birds was a complete bust. It's a short quarter of CRP that usually has grain close. Closest grain was couple hundred yards. The CRP was...
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    First South Dakota trip was a blast

    That's pretty common for a PD. Shoot them with a frangible bullet (I like 50 grain Vmax) out of a typical varmint rifle and that's what you get. "Prairie Dog Olympics"--that one pulled off a triple with a twist. "Red Mist" is another descriptive term. I like a 50 grain Vmax out of a 223...
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    My wife and friend were headed to Taos for short trip about a month ago. She reported a near-collision with a flying rooster in between Hugoton and Elkhart during the drive down. I think she also said there were others in the bunch that ran or flew a different direction. I asked her for a...
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    Halloween Week Trip

    Thanks much for the report!
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    Hotels in Huron

    A little late on seeing/adding to this thread. I just got back from Huron yesterday. We stayed at the Super 8. It was decent, about what I expected. The mattress was comfortable. No outside access to the rooms. Very old-school but functional HVAC systems: baseboard heat and window units...
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    Despite it all

    Good luck! Sorry for your loss(es) also. A GSP? If you're the guy I think you are, I've missed anything you've written before that didn't include your labs. Welcome to the pointy world!
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    Early season thoughts

    Glad to hear it. It makes me look forward to next week. The tahoe is headed north on Wednesday the 1st and we're planning to hunt through Saturday.
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    Tuf-Foot availability?

    When I was having trouble finding this stuff earlier this week I emailed them via the link on the website. Here's the response from yesterday afternoon: Dear Matt, I am pleased to let you know that we are picking up a large quantity of TUF-FOOT from our bottler on Monday morning, October...
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    Why do the wildlife folks cut every tree

    In Kansas every once in a while you see a property for sale with an aerial photo like this: How long do you suppose it's been since that piece has been burned or seen any meaningful timber management? Annual burning has it's own downside, especially for Prairie Chickens, but that property is...
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    Tuf-Foot availability?

    Thanks very much for the offer. Wish I could take you up on it, but I'm in south central Kansas. Need to check out this "pad heal" product.
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    Tuf-Foot availability?

    Last night I started applying Tuf-Foot to my dogs' feet in preparation for our trip to SD in a few weeks. The bottle was close to empty so I made a mental note to order more today. This stuff is out of stock everywhere! LCS, Double U, GDS, even Amazon and Walmart are out of stock. Maybe a...
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    Upland Forecast

    You're barking up the wrong tree, sort of. The state of Kansas has no say in whether emergency haying and grazing is allowed. Those provisions are written into the CRP contracts between the producer and some sub-agency of the USDA. However, Kansas could write something into WIHA contracts...
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    Why is deer hunting so popular?

    I started deer hunting when I was a senior in high school. Except when I lived out of state for grad school, I've deer hunted at least once every year since. There are a few nice bucks on my wall. Between about 2005-2010 I was between dogs and I thought I might get into deer and other big...
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    Thoughts of a OG

    Agreed, in general. The releases that worked in the beginning are better understood as "trap and transfer" operations. If the habitat was there, that WOULD work. Unfortunately 2023 hatchery stock is dozens of generations removed from the wild. The birds mostly look the same, but it's almost...