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  1. J

    britton/hecla area

    thanks for all the replies. maybe i will head west and a little south next trip out.
  2. J

    britton/hecla area

    Crops are coming out pretty good. Good luck
  3. J

    britton/hecla area

    Just got back from britton/hecla area, we got some birds but was disappointed on the number of birds we saw. Hunted all public ,crep and walk in areas. Not sure if the hatch was bad or just didn't luck out and see many birds. Anybody else see the same stuff as us?
  4. J

    SD Youth season 2023

    awesome picture, that is what its about for sure. good deal
  5. J

    She Died On Sunday. 11/18/2018

    Very true, sorry to hear about your dog. I guess all you can do is get another and start over, Take care
  6. J

    Pheasant Breakfast Burritos

    Looks good and thanks for the recipe ideas. I will definitely be trying them
  7. J

    From the Bob Peters Coalition

    Sounds like a all around great day you had. Good news on the pheasant count.
  8. J

    Most popular breeds for pheasant

    I've has yellow labs in the past, brother in law always black labs and now I have a GWP. Loved them all. They were certainly different but the end result was always the same, I got birds.
  9. J

    Hunting Boots

    another vote for danner pronghorn boots, great boot
  10. J

    A thought on shooting technique

    I'm sure not just pointer guys. LOL
  11. J

    2022/2023 PHEASANT Hunting Videos

    Bob I to thought it was a good honest video. I watched it and was able to put myself in your shoes many times. Thanks for keeping it real.
  12. J


    I have a GWP, excellent dog. I have had yellow labs in the past and they were great also. One has to remember that they are different breeds but will find pheasants and that is the main goal. My GWP isn't a social dog for sure. She doesn't bother other dogs just ignores them as more of a...
  13. J

    Asking permission

    What year ramcharger was it?
  14. J

    Long Distance Traveling for Birds

    The BWCA is a great place and a fun trip. Been doing it for years. Not as bad as it sounds
  15. J

    Rate your past season

    I'm in. LOL
  16. J

    January Report

    For sure, I would much rather have a clean miss then a light hit bird that gets away. I hate that.
  17. J

    Do you shoot coyotes while pheasant hunting?

    Holy cow, you've been busy. LOL. Nice looking skins
  18. J

    What else do you hunt?

    Awesome picture, Kre.
  19. J

    Late Season Report - We're Nearing the End

    I'm in the same boat, not going to make my late season trip out to SD, weather isn't to good. My dog is mad at me also. LOL
  20. J

    Grits Gresham on Pheasant Hunting

    neat video, thanks for sharing