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  1. Snowcock

    Sun Setting on My Hunting Career

    Still dark here in Southern Nevada, so I have a few minutes to kill before the morning hike. First hike is with the four Setters, Three English and a Gordon. For me its about 3.5 miles for the dogs probably double that, 5-12 years old it keep them trim and in good form. Second hike before it...
  2. Snowcock

    When is the best time to hunt quail?

    Depends on the species, late morning for Mountain Quail (Western Nevada late season) , catch them when they come down to water (much like Chukar). Gambels here in the Southern Nevada desert, mid-morning after they feed before it warms up midday, Valley Quail, seems to have the longest active...
  3. Snowcock

    New Member from MI

    Moving around Michigan with my job, I hunted Mid-Michigan and some of the East side 'Thumb' takes a little scouting but there are lands and birds in your area. Have a good season.
  4. Snowcock


    I have a nice Columbian Sharptail mounted I shot in the Ririe area on one of my first trip to Idaho from Michigan around 2000, My wife and I shot Blue, Ruffed and Sage grouse on that hunt along with Hun's and Chukar. That was over our first pair of Setters, we bought a place in Challis the...
  5. Snowcock

    Quail hunting in south Idaho

    I worked near Bruneau for a couple years and lived in Challis for another dozen years, WMA 's held some quail, but heavy weekend pressure. It takes some scouting time but good habitat along and above the Snake produces birds. Lots of opportunity for mixed bag Valley quail, Huns/Chukar and...
  6. Snowcock

    New Member from MI

    Where are you at in Michigan Tomfive5? I'm a "Michigan refugee" now living in Southern Nevada by way of 15 years in Idaho and a couple years back in Michigan 2020/21 (huge move mistake)
  7. Snowcock

    Semi auto or break action shotgun?

    Roaniecowpony, Those firearms are gorgeous, My main companion now is a 20 SXS Parker Reproduction by Winchester. After hunting Chukar in Idaho with it for 20 years it is in-surprising good condition I usually used my body to take the brunt of the falls while climbing talus slopes. The Merkel...
  8. Snowcock

    So you want to hunt public land in South Dakota?

    That name isn't familiar , left Challis in 2019, but last few years there was changeover in guides, retirements, health issues etc.
  9. Snowcock

    Mixed bag.

    Congratulations on the chickens, always a tough bird to hunt.
  10. Snowcock

    So you want to hunt public land in South Dakota?

    Citori 16, I used to live in Challis now a Pahrumpian in Nevada
  11. Snowcock

    Chukar Forecast 2022/2023 Season

    I am planning a hunt to Southern Idaho for Pheasant/Valley Quail late October (depends when the corn is harvested) I used to work between Boise and Twin Falls and know that area well. After a few days there, back to Nevada and hunt NE Nevada for Chukar and Huns. Glad to hear you had a friend in...
  12. Snowcock

    Chukar Forecast 2022/2023 Season

    NDOW , Nevada Department of Wildlife just released their forecast for Chukar and Huns. Overall it looks very promising, surveys were performed across the Northern tier of counties in Nevada. I was up in some of those areas during nesting season (scouting for big game) and then again a few weeks...
  13. Snowcock

    Camping for upland hunting

    Beautiful sights from the sand hills, Thank you
  14. Snowcock

    Grouse and Hun Opener 2022

    Nice,, I need to get back to N.D. Enjoy tomorrow and have a safe hunt.
  15. Snowcock

    Lack of post/lack of birds

    I lived in Michigan 2019/2020 (enough of that state) Have a friend that stills farms in Eaton County, he used to have decent pheasant hunting. His farmland has large swales, brush growth area etc and enough of it to hold a population of birds. No pheasants anymore, he extinguishes an average of...
  16. Snowcock

    Managing for Huns?

    I grew up in Southern Michigan, my Grandfather remembered when the DNR released Hun's in the forties. Plus they provided local farmers with eggs which were then placed under Bantam hens for the hatch, the Hun's would 'leave' as they matured. At least in the area he lived , Eaton County they...
  17. Snowcock

    Going Fishing Instead of Just Wishing

    PairofLabs, Glad to see another 'oldtimer' fighting the 'good fight' it seemed the pandemic gave many our generation just one more reason to give it up.
  18. Snowcock

    Snowcock Opener narrative

    The bird I bagged in 2016.
  19. Snowcock

    Snowcock Opener narrative

  20. Snowcock

    Camping for upland hunting

    I camp for upland hunting, and also have back packed into remote areas for birds. Longest hike in was for White-tailed ptarmigan in the Northern Utah. That trip was a heart breaker 12 mile hike in with my English setter, caught in a thunder storm while setting up camp. Next morning making the...