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    Gas Prices

    26’ ChrisCraft 26’ walk around cuddy. Sleeps four. Full galley. 115 gal fuel tank. 2 electric d-riggers with 4’ booms. 20+ rod holders. 350 chevy. The weight includes some gear & the trailer, spare tire, etc
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    4, 5, or 6 shot for you early season pheasant hunters? And what choke are you shooting?

    5’s, 4’s if it is windy. Cyl in the first, improved mod in the 2nd
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    Gas Prices

    Saturday I put 30 gal of that gas in my truck & pulled the 7000 pound boat 80 miles to get a new winter canvas made for it. 11 mpg towing & 22.9 mpg coming back not towing. 4 people in the screw. No issues with the fuel so far. Cheapest gas around here is $3.35
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    Gas Prices

    Yes, I have not used it much lately, as I have had some health issues. I have put stabilizer in it every 6 months. I siphoned 20 gal this spring & used it in my f 150 eboost with no problems. I did plan on using it that summer that I bought it, but I ended up hiring out as a Captain/guide for a...
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    Porcupines On The Prairies

    East river 0, west river daily. Northern nebaska some too. W of O neill. Cattails & plums.
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    Gas Prices

    3.37-3.68 around Toledo OH. I just siphoned 60 gal of premium out of my boat that I bought at $.99 the last May that Trump was in office.
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    Need some advice

    You are not giving us enough info. Where are you coming from? Do you have dogs? Are you interested in quail too? I would start at least an hour farther w. But unless you find someplace that has had above average rain, pickings are gonna be mighty slim.
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    More rain! Widespread!

    If it was in Ohio, I would say greenbrier berries, but I have never seen any in the Dakotas. Our ruffed grouse eat them frequently. They can still be on vines in March
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    Huns and quail in northern Iowa

    I used to see lots of huns in the late 70’s & early 80’s when I hunted around Mason City Iowa. You just could not get near them. They would flush 100 yds ahead of the dogs & fly out into the middle of a bean stubble field with snow on it. I dont know how they did not freeze to death!
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    Huns and quail in northern Iowa

    Ohio and Michigan both used to have open seasons for Hungarian partridge, but this was 70 to 100 years ago. We have none now. Ohio has very few wild upland birds at all. Quail season lasts about a week and is only in about 3 weeks in about 10 counties, private land mainly. Pheasant season is...
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    Huns and quail in northern Iowa

    Ohio and Michigan both used to have open seasons for gray partridge (huns), but this was 70 to 100 years ago. We have none now. We have very few wild gamebirds at all.
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    Garmin TT25 collar prongs

    I used to have britts, setters, & e pointers all at the same time. On the old tritronics collars i used the long prongs on all of the dogs with no problems. That being said, I think you would be ok with the short ones on vislas. You could put it on low stim & try it if you are undecided. You...
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    Prairie grouse trip

    I used to hunt on the res near Norris SD every year. We started out in late Sept, but we started seeing so many phez we moved our start date back so we could take phez too. Lots of heat! Dry! sunny! White colored dogs help tremendously. Like was said before, most days start at daylight & hunt...
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    New GPS collars

    I paint all of my remotes orange when I first get them. Helps a lot when you drop one!
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    New GPS collars

    Longer is better!
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    Another Turk

    Wow! That sounds awful cheap!
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    Bone Spurs - Question

    Kind of a shot in the dark but if you cant do anything else, I would try a chiropractor or acupuncturist.
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    How to get better at wingshooting

    Do your guns fit you? VERY important!
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    Fish Finder

    I am a charter captain on Lake Erie. I have tried them all & Garmin is the most user friendly. 9” starts at about $600. Since prime day is over with, I would wait til black friday unless you need it now.