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    Prairie Dogs

    Anyone here go prairie dog hunting in the spring?
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    Area suggestions

    Hi All, Looking for suggestions on where to hunt this next year. We have hunted in SW N. Dak for many years but the hunting in the area we have gone to has really been on the decline. We decided to try something new this year and went just west of Watertown, SD. We paid to hunt on some...
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    Garden City, SD Area?

    Trying a new area with some friends this year and wondering if anyone on the forum has hunted the area. We will be hunting in the Garden City area in early November and would like to hear from anyone that has hunted in that area. Thanks!!
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    Benelli Vinci - Camo

    Have a lightly used Benelli Vinci in camo that I am selling. Have factory hard case and chokes. Looking for $900.00. Located in NE Wisconsin.
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    Regent, ND area

    Hi All, We make an annual trip to Regent to chase Ringnecks and have been doing so for a number of years. We have hunted on a ranchers land and paying a daily fee to hunt his property. The fee has been going up and we were informed it was going up next year again. We still plan on...
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    Smith & Wesson Elite Gold 20 Ga. SxS

    I recently picked up a Smith & Wesson Grade 1 Elite Gold 20 gauge side by side with the straight stock. Beautiful gun, chocked in IC & MOD. ANybody else out there have one and what's your opinion?? I'm going to take it out west this fall but will only carry it in the grass areas.
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    From NE Wisconsin

    Hi All, I am from NE WI and just found this forum. I love Pheasant hunting and make a trip each year out to North Dakota chasing the wiley ringneck. I currrently have three female labs. Two yellows and a british chocolate. would like to find a place in WI where I could hunt pheasant.