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    Thoughts on neonicotinoid insecticides?

    Your farmer is spot-on. Do neonic treated seeds and glyphosate alone kill quail? In the short term, probably no. Are expansive, commercialized crop fields, void of any annual weeds or insects, beneficial to quail? I would guess there’s not a bit of literature out there that would say “yes”...
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    Anyone heading Sage Grouse Hunting

    Heard rumor they lowered bag limit to 1?
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    TT15 mini

    I was in S&R yesterday and they had several TT15s on the shelf. The owner said the majority of their sales are on the internet. Just FYI if you still haven’t found a collar.
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    TT15 mini

    Check with S&R in Middletown, MO. I was on a waiting list for several months before getting a couple but they may be back in stock now.
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    Garmin collar antenna.

    That sounds about right. I keep a couple extra antennas in the dog box as it’s not uncommon for them to shear off at the black sleeve that routes them along the collar strap.
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    English Setter Puppies For Sale

    All pups are sold and off to new homes. Thanks everyone!
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    Southern DIY Quail Hunt

    Thanks for the input! Looking to try something a little different. Have never shot a quail that far south.
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    Southern DIY Quail Hunt

    Has anyone ever done a DIY, public land quail hunt in the deep South? Thinking about a Georgia, Florida, AL, SC, etc. Very interested in hunting wild birds in pine woods in the south. Thanks!
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    English Setter Puppies For Sale

    Thanks! Very excited to see what they do on birds.
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    English Setter Puppies For Sale

    Puppies whelped Nov 10 and will be ready for new homes Jan 5. Sire and Dam are great bird finders and family dogs. 2 tricolor and 2 orange and white males still available. Lots of Champions in pedigree including Ch Shadow Oak Bo, Ch Hytest Sky Hawk, Ch Tomoka, Ch A Tarheel Sunrise, Ch...
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    Game Shears

    Gerber Vital shears are the way to go! I have two pairs. The first has rode in my dog box for 15+ yrs now. The second stays in my shop for cleaning birds when it gets cold.
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    Desert Quail

    Any reports on blues/gambels? Might make a trip in early February to the eastern part of the state
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    Kennel Septic System?

    Not sure where to post this but I’ll try here. I’ve got a 4-run kennel I’m putting up at our new house. Each of the pens is 10’x10’ and I’m going to pour a concrete pad roughly 44’x15’. That leaves 2’ of concrete extending past each “narrow” end, a 3’ walkway in front of the “long” end to access...
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    English Setters

    Started Pups - Whelped 4/16/17 Pointing wing and exposed to/pointing live birds, conditioned to gunfire, swimming, conditioned to ATV's, well-socialized including children. Great bloodlines including Ch. Shadow Oak Bo, Ch. Hytest Sky Hawk, Ch. Barker's Blue Jett, Ch. Ace's King, Tomako, Tekoa...
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    English Setter Puppies

    2 males 1 female - 8 weeks old The first image is the pedigree of the female they're out of. She is the daughter of Shadow Oak Bo and also has Hytest and other Champion bloodlines. The male they are out of is a tremendous all around hunting dog. The second attachment is his father's pedigree...
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    2014 Sage grouse season

    Does anyone know when they will set sage grouse season dates? Or if there will be a season?
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    North Central Kansas

    Hunted 2.5 days Tuesday through Thursday. We found 7 coveys of quail and saw about 30 pheasants, probably 8-10 roosters. Also saw 2 different groups of chickens, even pointed a single! I'm a little disappointed in the quail numbers since that's what we were after but Thursday was downright cold...