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    Alfa 22 blank pistol and blanks as new

    Do you still have this? I’m interested!
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    Porcupines On The Prairies

    Last one I saw was in a CRP field in western Nebraska. There wasn’t a tree within 5 miles and I was able to get the dogs away without being quilled. The one before that, in the Sandhills, required the removal of about 300 quills, a trip to the vets and some antibiotics.
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    Salt Creek Bismuth??

    Boy that stuff is expensive!
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    Gas Prices

    Came back from golfing in the Black Hills, had to fill up once at $3.89 but averaged almost 40 MPG in the Subaru.
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    Garmin Alpha 100 VS 200/300

    I’m irritated because I bought a 200i about 30 days before the 300i came out. I am moving from an Astro 430 and an InReach Explorer + to a single device. I haven’t hunted with the 200i yet but I’m hoping it works as well as the Astro. I have a Pro 70 that I use for correction and am heavily...
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    Hayes Center/McCook Area

    We had quite a bit of rain across the panhandle and the SW corner but they have had a lot of flooding down there as well. 10” in a pretty good sized area that made the National news and a few 5” rains since then
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    How to get better at wingshooting

    Three things, Practice Practice And more practice, at the gun range or with hand thrown targets it doesn’t matter.
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    Mckelvie National Forrest Trip Advice

    So far, this has been a great summer. We have had plenty of rain and the Sandhills are green. I was by Hyannis, Whitman and N of Mullen yesterday and the hills looked great with plenty of growth. Hopefully there will be grouse around. We do have two weeks of 100+ days with no rain in the...
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    Rogers toughman upland vest

    I think it will, I haven’t hunted in mine yet since I bought it in February, but it feels good wearing it around the house. I plan on taking it prairie grouse hunt September 1
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    Rogers toughman upland vest

    It’s made from heavy duty cordura, not as heavy as WingWorks but plenty heavy. As heavy of material or a little heavier than my Quilomene San Carlos. The game bag is lined with a waterproof material and has grommeted drain holes in the bottom. I haven’t shot with it yet but I don’t think the...
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    Lyme disease -- NE1 believe they have it or been diagnosed with it?

    Unfortunately, some practitioners quit learning new things when they finish residency but not all. My wife has seen four cases of what she believes are tick borne issues within the last two weeks. Doxycycline is the treatment of choice for most tick borne infections and some practitioners will...
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    Mid-Size Pickup Truck

    Well WestKSBowhunter I guess shit doesn’t happen at your house where you need to haul somebody and that’s the only vehicle you have. I bought my Frontier for me, before I was married. I never planned to take anyone in the back seat when I bought it, other than dogs but sometimes you just don’t...
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    F.a.i.r Iside

    I personally think it’s an aesthetics thing.
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    Mid-Size Pickup Truck

    I bought a new Nissan Frontier 4x4 in 2007 and still have it. It has 150k and other than basic maintenance haven’t had any big problems and I get 20 mpg+ all of the time. I’m 6’3” and am fine in the drivers seat but the rear seat legroom is horrible, even for my 5’3” wife. We just bought a...
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    Garmin Phoenix

    I’m using a Fenix 5 as well. I like the bigger screen compared to the Instinct. I rarely looked at my Astro when I’m using the watch. I switched to a 200i this year but will still use my Fenix.
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    F.a.i.r Iside

    I had a 16ga Iside EM with 30” barrels, double triggers and ejectors but I didn’t shoot it well so it went down the road. It only weighed 6 lbs, 2 oz so it was a joy to carry. I didn’t care for the checkering but had I been able to shoot it well it would have stayed.
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    Mckelvie National Forrest Trip Advice

    Over the years I have used them on all five of our female GSPs and have always used the medium size, 2 3/4” across the widest part of the paw. They have ranged in weight from 35-65 pounds. The lighter ones probably could have used a small but I don’t thing being a little big hurt anything and...
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    Mckelvie National Forrest Trip Advice

    I use the 1000 Denier boots from They are cheap, around $3.50 per boot and really last. I buy the fluorescent orange or pink so I can see at a distance if the dog still has them on and you might be able to find them if you are hunting the same area again. They stay on...