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    First time in SW kansas

    Due to time constraints and a new lease in the panhandle of Texas so we are foregoing our normal long trip to NW/NC Kansas. Got an airbnb around Ulysses and gonna get it a shot for quail/pheasant on the opening weekend. Any general tips/info for this area? Thanks in advance!
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    Woodward county quail

    Looking to join up on some land with a few people around Woodward county. What are the quail numbers like and what should we expect/look for when assessing tracts of land. I’ve hunted quail in Kansas and south Texas. Just not familiar with this area.
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    Late season pheasant/quail

    After a great opening weekend, we are looking to maybe make a long weekend trip back in January. Is it worth our time to try and find birds on public land that late in the season? Thanks
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    Making another journey to Kansas

    Good afternoon, We are changing our plans to go to Sodak this year, and making the trek up to Kansas again from South Louisiana. We will be staying at an AirBNB in the Moreland area for the opening weekend and a few days after. Hoping to get into some quail as well as pheasant and maybe...
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    Making my Second trip to SD

    Good afternoon all, Making our second trip to South Dakota from South Louisiana the second weekend of November, we hunted through UGUIDE 2 years ago and stayed just south of Selby, had a great time. This year we are coming up and staying near Mobridge (most of Uguide was booked if I recall)...