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    Went for a hike Saturday near A-basin and watched my doodle take off after some ptarmigan. Took the trip back Sunday with my gun and managed to take 2 birds. Totals for the weekend are 22.4 miles and 5255 vertical feet - the dogs would not get out of bed this morning. Very cool experience and...
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    Hello from Arkansas

    I have a year old field Golden from goldenboy on this site. He would be a great point of contact - but I would look into a local training/gamefarm to see how your pup reacts to clipped birds. This is my goldens first season and so far she is coming into her own on blue grouse.
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    How often do you encounter the law?

    I have had 10-15 run ins with MN DNR, but never got a ticket. Just about every fishing and grouse opener. Got caught in ND goose hunting by one of the DNR planes. Our spread was a little too close to the property line - and after some discussion and comparing OnX maps we only had a trespassing...
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    Colorado Sage Grouse

    Heading out tomorrow for some Sage Grouse hunting on the western slope. Will be the first wild bird hunt for the new Golden. I plan on hunting unit 3 - if we get into them Saturday figure we will head into Routt to chase some blues. Hopefully my scouting paid off last week - if your headed that...
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    RFM Venus - Custom Italian Guns

    C Thank you Cheesy. Pulled the trigger on it over the weekend - figured vacation to Hawaii was out of the picture this year...
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    RFM Venus - Custom Italian Guns

    My local gun shop has one for a good deal from what I can tell. It has fixed Skeet 2 chokes and a 30'' barrel. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this manufacturer. Something about hunting birds out west makes me want to pick up a SxS.
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    Hello from Colorado

    Michael, Welcome to the site. I am south of you in the cesspool of a city Denver. Good luck this season - maybe we will see each other out in the field. Any grouse hunts planned this year on the slopes?
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    Mid-Size Pickup Truck

    I am 6'4" - went to toyota to check out vehicles and thought the tacoma was too cramped for me. Ended up with the 4runner, after 6 months of driving I am realizing that this is too small for me as well. Bump my head on the ceiling and starting to get back pain (my lady says i drive the 4runner...
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    Mckelvie National Forrest Trip Advice

    Yep - have a CGDA snake avoidance course next week. Hopefully my dogs will learn - the older one loved finding brown water snakes at the lake in SC. Luckily never a cotton mouth.
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    Mckelvie National Forrest Trip Advice

    Going to piggy back off this thread as I am planning an early grouse trip up there as well. Hutcho have you had any problems with snakes that early in the season?
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    Pup will be ready for next years pheasant season

    Go Tigers! Have had some good days over in Fantz. Had a funny time out there turkey hunting when a young couple decided to start undressing and doing the dirty in the field I was set up on. When i stood up to interrupt them the girl said "I was wondering why that turkey wasn't moving" --- was...
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    Long Distance Traveling for Birds

    Gimruis, have a family friend that pulled one a moose tag in BWCA in 2009. Him and 2 friends took 4 trips and 38 miles total packing it out. I have done that trip many times - but never in my life would see that as enjoyable. Although that moose tasted damn good. Killed my first grouse by...
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    Long Distance Traveling for Birds

    Birdman, This season we stayed in a buddies OVRLND camper/truck topper. We had a few nights of -5 or more below and were able to stay pretty damn warm for a popup camper. Works great for guys not looking to ruin their gas milage and want to hunt campsite to campsite. I just ordered mine last...
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    Colorado Forum Members

    Went out this past weekend and bagged 2 roosters and 2 quail. Saw two large groups of 40+ birds near feed lots on private. Roads in some areas were washing out from snow melt, some tree lines that were drifted in got enough melt to let some birds back in. Walking back to the car after shooting...
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    Alpha Dog Nutrition

    Hello all, Was doing some research on recovery supplements for the dogs for work and came across Alpha Dog's Resurgence. Looks like it is mainly Krill oil, Glycerin, annato, and turmeric. If you have used these products lmk what you think. We are currently looking to add new product lines to a...
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    Colorado Forum Members

    Tom - It has been a tough season out there! Been out for day trips most weekends, most days a few hens and a rooster wild flushing far. The snow drifts have put a damper on a lot of early season spots but heading out towards Holyoke Saturday to hopefully find a few late season birds.
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    New video attempt

    Goose these are popping up as images. You can post the videos privatly on youtube and show the link on here if your having trouble. I wanna see that lab work!
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    2022 Season In Pictures

    Here was our trip to ND from Nov 2-6th. Had our 4 man limit with some huns and sharpies mixed in. One of the fellas with a antler tag dropped a nice buck. Also welcomed in a new puppy from Joel (Goldenboy) - she is a real darling with great drive. Brought her out to a field i know a covey of...
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    Opening Day ?!?

    Went out Saturday and Sunday morning. First field saw 5 roosters - next 10 didnt see anything. Saw 3 coveys of bobwhite and took a few out of one group. Any good looking cover had 3 groups of bootprints through it. Not giving up hope just yet, they are out there still.
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    Bird/Deer Hunt SW ND

    Just got back from ND. Had our 4 man thurs/friday - killed our 3 does saturday and worked up a few birds on the drive home sunday. Sharptail numbers were crazy but very jumpy, still managed quiet a few. The partridge numbers were up like crazy this year which was a blast as well. Ill post some...