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    Home made video recommendations

    How do you know it was 20 lbs since it flew off? I feel someone lengthening my leg.😁
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    What’s the cover at beaver looking like?

    Those pesty sand burrs are the worst in Western Oklahoma. Where I live there are very few, 40 miles Southwest of Enid. Yes, the Quail population has taken a major hit in the last 6 years. Before that it was good to very good. Now it is below poor. Not much hope it will every rebound to support...
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    How often do you encounter the law?

    How bout Texas the stories are always bigger there?!
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    Saw this on Facebook today. "If it sounds to good to be true, it usually does s."
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    At what point do you retire your dog?

    "No truer words were spoken through a falser set of teeth."
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    Let's Bitch (Can't Hunt)

    So let me get this right. It's your cousin who asks permission, and your nephew that can't shoot and you're along for the ride? Than who's on first?
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    Let's Bitch (Can't Hunt)

    I've heard of kids having imaginary friends, but full grown adults not so much, but there are exceptions.
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    Let's Bitch (Can't Hunt)

    Are you taking any wooden nickels, yet?
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    Let's Bitch (Can't Hunt)

    The story's get bigger than if you lived in Texas. For real!
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    Here's one found along side a gravel road near Hardin, MT this week.
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    Flying your game

    I found that birds that are frozen solid in a freezer box packed in your luggage is best, hands down, because it flys free or a small fee & it arrives when you do..
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    More rain! Widespread!

    Possibly the berries off of a cedar tree.
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    Yep It Happened

    Better left alone.
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    1.5 inches of rain last night on the farms we hunt near Platte - good times!

    I cued it and listened, wasn't disappointed, but a little sad. 😞
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    Good huntin' songs

    Yee ha, and a do-see-do. It's gettin' near time to hunt them thar' roosties.
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    More rain! Widespread!

    My cousins place in Pierre yesterday evening. Golf to small tennis ball size. Didn't cover the ground but bad enough to do damage.
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    Let's Bitch (Can't Hunt)

    Ouch! That hurt. 🥴
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    Let's Bitch (Can't Hunt)

    Nobody's perfect, even the grippers! Stay home if you want perfection or hunt by yourselves. You sound like a bunch of whiney crybabies. Been at this game 60 years since I'm now 75. Seen it all! This gets so old by a few on here that dominate the forum and are always crying about something. Get...
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    Grant County pheasants?

    Just glad to see other Okies hunting both pheasant and quail. I hunt Quail in Blaine Co. and pheasant/quail in Garfield Co. at Drummond flats.
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    Grant County pheasants?

    The post you responded too was posted December 2017.