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    She Died On Sunday. 11/18/2018

    Sorry to hear this it brings back sad memories of my previous 4 Springers all who were avid hunters,
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    Let's Bitch (Can't Hunt)

    A square mile patch can definitely handle more than one hunting party. Even a half square mile is a big area.
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    Corner crossings

    Need to stay clear of you!
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    Best hunting pup for pheasants

    I’m partial to Springer’s. There style of hunting makes them great pheasant dogs. I’ve got a Brittany right now that hunt’s fairly well but my best Springer hunted a little better.
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    REAL South Dakota 2021 review.

    I’m 73 years old and love to hunt by myself with a dog. I’ve hunted private land which I pay to access.(wild birds only) the ranch I hunt hasn’t changed a lot in the last 4 years but bird numbers are definitely down compare to the last 15 years. When you get older young can’t hunt as many hours...
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    How many birds each season?

    Normally I would take about 30 birds a year hunting alone with a dog. The last few years have been less productive and I dropped to 9 in 2020. I‘m doing better this year. Got 13 so far. .
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    2021 Pheasant Season Pictures

    Got one with my gopro.This is a frame grab from bideo.
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    Can you top stupid!!!!

    I once lost a gun because I set on top of my vehicle while loading my dog. Ran an add in alocal rural paper and got a response and my gun back.
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    Good point on this one

    Frame grab from gopro
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    Shortage of shotgun shells

    Found some at Scheels. #4 pheasant load. Works for me. Bought enough to last the season.
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    Opening day grouse eastern Nebraska

    Private land . Saw 12 on a short hunt. Pleased with the numbers. Didn’t get any. Out of range.
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    Shortage of shot shells

    Found # 4 pheasant loads at Scheels in Omaha today!
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    Shortage of shotgun shells

    Omaha area. Having a rough time finding shotgun shells. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Shortage of shot shells

    cant find shotgun shells in omaha area. Any suggestions?
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    Just called a rancher tonight in the Lyman county area . His property has always been good pheasant hunting in past years. He says they just hayed 30 acres and he hasnt seen any young birds. Normally in the past he reported seeing lots of young ones by july 4th. Does’nt look good at all!
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    Public Land Prizes

    2200 steps is roughly a mile for me and I’m 5’8” the pace of a taller person might mean a fewer stepsto reach a mile.
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    Clever bird...

    I think a bird flying at you can be one of the most difficult shots!
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    Decent Public Ground

    Game and parks released birds this week. The only way possible to get a limit on the eastern part of the state. We might as well be Ohio, Indiana, or Illinois.
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    Pheasant hunting Harrison county north and west Missouri Valley

    Poor numbers this year. Had heavy rainfall in June which I believe killed many newly hatched birds.
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    warm weather!!

    Hunted sun through wed ,3 days in a t-shirt. Hunted west of the river. Bird numbers were mediocre at best and my shooting was lousy. Im turning 72 this week. I guess I’m getting to old to hunt. The hot weather limited my time in the field and wore me and the dog out faster. In general the prop I...