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    Opening weekend

    1. 2, me and my son 2. 1 dog, Springer Spaniel 2yrs old 3. Probably just central MN 4. 12ga SX4 with no 4 steel 5. Public 6. 52 and cloudy 7. PBR, or any cold beer thats not Bud Light ;)
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    2023 Regs

    Youth season over MEA doesn't really generate revenue... but it allows for your kid to get used to the hunt in a controlled environment. I love it, and am certain we will have safer and better deer hunters because of it. Dont give two hoots about B&C or P&Y either
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    More pheasants than ever before!!

    I just like to hunt birds. Never done a group more than 8, seems like a mess.... Usually just me and another guy, 1-3 dogs. I cant wait!
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    What else do you hunt?

    Amen, I'm done sitting in the stupid deer stand come 2nd weekend. It is now a goal of mine to shoot a deer in the first 3 days so I can get back to hunting what I'm passionate about.
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    2022/2023 PHEASANT Hunting Videos

    I ask him that question sometimes too.... :unsure:
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    When and where?????

    I really dont remember mine, but I sure as heck remember my kids' first rooster, so theres that
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    About 15 min East of Watertown, the trees look unbelievable. The Ice, wind and weight of snow really did a number on em. Looks like a tornado went through there
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    Trip report, tale of two halfs

    Was out for our annual earlyish December trip to Eastern SD. 4 guys, 5 dogs Saturday and Sunday, the weather was quite enjoyable. Sunny, little wind, but the birds were jumpy as hell. Success was limited, slow to be honest. All depended on if we had a blocker and where we put him... and how...
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    What would you do?

    So does my wife. Tell him what you think, either way. Life's too short to have drama
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    Results after boots on the ground

    Nice report! you always seem to get out there a week before us. Cant wait for Saturday, for our 5 days in pheasantville, USA
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    Crop status

    Just talked to my contact near Huron and his beans are all done, figures 2 weeks the corn will be done for him. Yields are down 20-25% however, hes not too thrilled with that.
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    One item for the birds

    Up north Mn we did 18-20 acres 2 years ago, and recieved around 13,000 bucks so, yeah I say it checks out
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    Season Wrap-Up

    BB I was in your neck of the fields the last 3 days of the season and man - coming from MN with a foot of snow standing, boy was it nice to not trudge too much. The birds were spooky, but man we saw birds. (100 yards away lol) My new hunting buddy did amazing for an 8 month old pup and...
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    Dog's Name

    Wee-go. Then you can keep saying "Here we go!" ... "Here we go" when you walk in the field.
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    REAL South Dakota 2021 review.

    And an incredible amount of natural habitat. How quickly we forget history. The dust bowl years, topsoil wind eroded from Nebraska depositing in Texas. Makes me wonder if we don't deserve it again.
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    Walkable Ice?

    Well, may be a moot point, as I think I'm gonna have to drop out. I may be positive with the Fauci virus.... Hard to tell cuz we had 4 tests done in our household and got 4 different results. (Positive, detected, indeterminate and Negative) WTF, trust the science :poop:
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    2021 Pheasant Hunting Videos

    Gotcha. Yeah at least she points and waits for you to get closer, my springers certainly dont do that. A running rooster in light grass usually gets up about 80 yards away. That scenario you had right afterwards was so cool to capture on video though, really makes me thinking about putting...
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    2021 Pheasant Hunting Videos

    Nice work man, fun to watch.... you better stretch out before you go with Sage, looks like a workout! Question, whats an "Iron Pony Hunter"?
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    30 Ducks Down Video

    No beers for me when the shells are in the gun.... but some of my favorite memories are putting the dogs in the kennels, watching that last bit of colorful sunset with a cold one, talking about the last golden hour hunt. Dont drink and shoot guns, its just stupid.
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    Walkable Ice?

    Heading out on Saturday for the second half of the license, going to be in a group of 7 hunters (we mostly split up however thankfully) and was wondering on some current slough / ice conditions. Any reports from the past few days after the big cold blast would be appreciated. Its 16 degrees...