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    Kansas CRP open for haying

    On a positive note, will probably see less out of state plates this year. It's been brutally hot and dry in eastern KS this year. Click on link to see map. USDA Authorizes Emergency Haying and Grazing of Conservation Reserve Program Acres for Kansas (Manhattan, Kansas), July 12, 2018 – U.S...
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    Lost Pointer

    Buddy lost a white pointer in the Arlington, TN area. Name is on the collar.
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    Bird Eve

    In celebration of tomorrow, last night I bought one of the new high tech coolers. I left it on back porch to "get cold". Let the bird dogs out this morning and went inside to fix breakfast. Went back outside to feed and water, and upon close inspection, its seems all three dogs had claimed...
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    CRP opened for grazing

    USDA Authorizes Emergency Grazing in Drought Stricken Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. That was title of latest press release from the gov.
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    Get your reservations in early. Nice write up on UGUIDE in current Pointing Dog Journal. Congratulations Chris.