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    Winter Weather

    Yes sir as gimruis said, same city more or less. I was hoping for walking some snow free ground near the creston area, but the travelling may limit my plans now. FF store has gone down hill since Mills sold it in my opinion but it's our only option for sporting goods! seen a couple bears in...
  2. J

    Winter Weather

    And I had a trip to check out Southern IA this friday for some quail.... Hoping the forecast I see for the south remains, up to 3", but we will see
  3. J

    follow-up to huntable areas thread...

    we hunted western MN a couple weeks ago, that was tough hunting, like A5 stated, the cattails were all snowed in besides underneath where the birds could still tunnel through but walking was virtually impossible. We were going to hunt our family's place north of plankinton this coming weekend...
  4. J

    2022 Season

    it'll be a zoo for sure, we hunted opener a few years ago with wet snow on the ground and have hunted openers when the temps hit the 80's, sill fun to get the pups out
  5. J

    16 gauge

    If you hunt any non-toxic areas (eg. WPA's) bismuth is safe in these old guns. I have a 52 A5 12 gauge and you're not supposed to shoot modern steel through those old guns.
  6. J

    2022 Season

    cant wait to go out; my 8 year old will be walking with his BB gun and my old man will be joining on a all public land weekend. We have a 1 year old PP I'm nervous and excited to hunt with along with a seasoned 12 year old lab. I'll be hunting them separately, I'm still trying to decide which...
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    prairie chicken lottery

    Got back from hunting 804. Alot of walking for a few flushes. Opening morning we may have flushed 2 chickens, but after that it was all sharpies. Ended up bagging 3 sharpies for the 3 of us in 2 days of hunting. Could have had more sharpies if our shooting was decent. The shorter the cover the...
  8. J

    prairie chicken lottery

    Cant wait to try it this weekend! Myself with 2 other friends were drawn for the first time, surprised us as I didnt think we'd get in the first year
  9. J

    Pudelpointer: Steadiness

    Hello, getting our 2nd puppy (first pointer) next spring; I'm beginning to read Bob Farris's PP training book and I've come across the steadiness section. Do most of you train your pointers to be steady all the way until the flush? or throughout the whole process~ steady all the way until the...
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    Flusher breeds

    We are probably within 2 years of getting another pup. I thought I was settled on another lab, but I am open to other ideas (and less shedding!). Mostly pheasant, with some grouse and some earlier season duck hunting. Lately I have been looking at English Springers and English Cockers; but my...
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    BHA: Pheasant Hunt and Pint Night

    FYI: Ladies and Gentlemen, its time to chase roosters! Come join Minnesota Backcountry Hunters and Anglers for an exciting afternoon of public land pheasant hunting in Southwest Minnesota on November 23rd. Pheasant hunting is a great way to celebrate our public lands and build relationships...
  12. J

    Opener Countdown

    cant wait to head out west for the weekend, cant believe its almost here! I'm interested to see what the wet conditions have done out west, can only imagine the cover should be plenty thick; everyone else going out?
  13. J

    Adding a Pup with an Older dog

    Wife and I decided we will probably add a pup to the family next year. I need to re-read one of my books to touch up on the basics My main inquiries are that my current dog isnt the best waterfowler as he isnt steady in the blind--as soon as we start shooting, hes out running trying to find...
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    2018 All done

    was able to hit SD twice this year which is the first time I've been able to do so, we usually wait late season and just do one 3 day trip. we hunted within 20 miles of woonsocket all public stuff with one quick hunt on our family's piece of thin CRP. we did try hunting south of I90 SW of...
  15. J

    Pointers late season in tall cover

    in the next coupel of years, we will begin the stage of adding a pup to our family as my current pup is 8 right now; been toying with going with a pudel Pointer, the ONLY thing that worries me right now is hunting a pointer late season in the thick stuff, cattails, willows, etc. where seeing the...
  16. J

    20 guage sears and roebuck

    Father in law says he has a sears and roebuck 20 gauge pump, thats the only info he has on it, that he would sell for about $150, I was thinking I could give it to my son when hes old enough. Are these in general decent shotguns?
  17. J

    Sport Dog Ecaller range is bad

    I figured during some of my hunts this fall, my dog was just getting bull headed, but after doing some tests with my e caller, i realized why he wasnt exactly running back like he usually does. My sport dog caller, about 3-4 years old, has a range of about 25' vs the 1/2 mile advertised range. I...
  18. J

    Gaining Permission

    anyone try gaining permission this year with any luck in SD? I know years past it was almost impossible, just curious if landowners were a little more willing to allow a guy this year with the low numbers of birds/hunters
  19. J

    Non toxic choices

    what does everyone use for their non toxic shells? I currently use federal blue box in 3" #3's or 4's or winchester xperts of the samething, about 10-$12/box. anyone else finding something better? i also do not want to spend $20+ a box
  20. J

    All done

    :( season is over, seems to go too fast like usual. just got back from SD-- great times, great sights, great dog work, mediocre shooting :D started friday off hunting all public land waiting for my dad to hunt the private stuff. the 1st wpa, my pup and I found a pocket of birds, atleast 15...