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    Are the boots still available? Might be interested if you come down a little on the price.

    Are the boots still available? Might be interested if you come down a little on the price.
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    Gas Prices

    $4.29 in Illinois. Jumped up this past week
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    4, 5, or 6 shot for you early season pheasant hunters? And what choke are you shooting?

    The best advice I received when I first went to SD was you want to “kill” that bird not just knock ‘em down. So I go 1-1/4oz #5 first few weeks of season then to #4’s around mid November. Modified choke for me.
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    Gas Prices

    $4.09 Northern Illinois
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    More rain! Widespread!

    Matt, what county?
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    Let's Bitch (Can't Hunt)

    I have 2 dogs and 40 years pheasant hunting experience so it’s a given I’m the one pushing corn, tree lines or cattails 75% of time. No problem. I enjoy watching other guys excitement shooting. However, when I’m finally blocking you can bet your last dollar that the pushers will somehow screw it...
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    Benelli Legacy 12 Guage year 2000 stock needed

    Haven’t decided yet. My first choice is to buy a replacement stock but haven’t found one that is same.
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    Rain in some of pheasant country…🙏🏻🤞

    High plains drought monitor. A closer look.
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    Benelli Legacy 12 Guage year 2000 stock needed

    Citori16, I guess you’re right, it still shoots. Cosmetically I hate that chip. Do you think someone can fill the chip?
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    Benelli Legacy 12 Guage year 2000 stock needed

    I have an older Benelli Legacy year 2000 that I love shooting. I’m very confident shooting this gun. Fits me great and is my “go to” gun in SD. Last winter after a hunt I noticed my stock was cracked. Bummer. Called Benelli and they said they don’t know when (if ever) they will make them. Part...
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    Pen-Reared Pseudo Roosters

    Very easy to tell a pen raised bird from wild. Pen birds have a large almost circular nostril holes where the plastic blinder goes so the birds won’t kill each other in the late summer.
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    Brood sightings?

    June 10th is considered “Peak Hatch” date.
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    Pheasant update

    Peak hatch June 10th. Fingers crossed.
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    Bird sightings

    Wolfchief, Glad to hear there are still a few birds in Livingston County. That is where I shot my first wild bird. Dwight, IL in1976 to be exact. Hunting was terrific! We had a few farms and always shot a few. Man I miss those days with Dad. Stopped hunting there around 2000.
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    Lets See Your some pic's

    My two female SM Munsterlanders Payton and Lily.
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    North Central Report

    Goose are you a real person or a bot? I mean a “normal” pheasant hunter? On UPH 99% of the people see things one way and 1% Goose sees them the other. 😂
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    North Central Report

    That is correct! Milwaukee’s Best or what we call it “The Beast”! There is an inside joke in our group about that beer but won’t bore you with the details. 😂
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    North Central Report

    Just returned home from a four-day trip to North Central South Dakota. This was our 18th year on this farm all wild birds. We had nine hunters and limited every day (27) and shot a total of 108 roosters. Bird numbers were about the same as last year. From other reports here on UPH, I was...
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    Pay to Play rates in SD

    Wolf chief, I started hunting in 1975 in Dwight, IL. I would give anything to go back to those days!