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    Prairie Chicken Report, what a great hunt!

    Congrats on a great 3 day MN chicken hunt.
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    Poor Shooting

    Keep filming and posting your videos, it keeps up the excitement on stretches between hunts. I walked 8 miles of snowy cattails on Saturday and my 2 labs didn't move much today.
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    New license system on SD GFP

    I had to set up a new password but then it linked to my current account so I could view my license dates.
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    New license system on SD GFP

    I was able to log in on the new updated web site:
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    Poor Shooting

    Enjoyed your video and watching the dogs work. I have made many trips where I have let the dogs down by shooting poorly. Posting the videos of missed birds is still makes for good action footage and is a reality of most of us who hunt pheasants. You will get the next rooster!
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    Cool retrieve!!!!

    Great find in the new snow. The dogs definitely make hunting pheasants exciting and rewarding.
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    Thanksgiving Hunt

    Good report and hope you get back out this winter. Also very sorry to hear about your brothers passing.
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    A true triple?

    Last season I had 2 roosters jump at the same time going away and dropped each one on separate shots. As I shot the second bird a third jumped from the same location heading to my left and I was able to swing and get him with my third shot. So 3 roosters on 3 shells in a matter of seconds...
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    NESD Mid-November

    Another great video its always a pleasure to watch Sage in action.
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    2021 Pheasant Hunting Videos

    I always enjoy watching your videos and seeing Sage out hunting on what appears to be another amazing SD afternoon.
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    Fort Pierre National Grassland

    I was out for the Prairie Grouse opener on the grasslands. I saw a few roosters on my way to and from hunting but none while on the ground walking the grasslands. Everything that I hunted and saw was very short cover and did not look like anything to keep a pheasant around. I did have some...
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    South Dakota

    I am from SD and grew up pheasant hunting. So now that I have been in MN for 20+ years going back to SD to hunt is part tradition, part going back to see family and also because I do see more birds on public land in SD than I do hunting public ground in MN. I have had great hunts in MN and will...
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    Prairie Chicken lottery

    I did not know pheasants would cause issues with prairie chickens. Thanks for the insight. I flattened the breasts and marinated in zesty Italian salad dressing, then put cream cheese, chopped onions and jalapenos on them, wrapped up in bacon and grilled. We enjoyed them as they were very tasty.
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    Prairie Chicken lottery

    I did not see any sharpies but did put up more pheasants than I had anticipated flushing.
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    Relocation opportunity

    I grew up and still have family in Yankton and its a great town, but I agree with others that if you are looking for fishing and bird hunting opportunities that Pierre is a better option.
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    Prairie Chicken lottery

    I was pleased with the number of prairie chickens I saw on Saturday. A good number of both distant flying birds, several close flushes and I was able to get both of my birds.
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    Prairie Chicken lottery

    I drive a Blue GMC Sierra without a topper. Mike
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    Prairie Chicken lottery

    I will be heading up early Saturday morning for zone 808. I had some success in SD for the opener Sat and Sun were in the mid 90's so were short days before it got to hot, but had a really good day on Monday.
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    Prairie Chicken lottery

    My second year applying and I was fortunate to get drawn for a tag. This will be a new challenge, hunting chickens in MN.
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    Pheasants....and archery too!!

    Great event for Yankton to host. I am also a Yankton graduate and shot archer competitively while growing up there.