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    Best Dogs

    It would be nice if they never left the family…
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    Best Dogs

    And how about those kiddos with the super sweet brownings?!?
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    For those shooting 28 gauge

    The B&P shells are fine. The height of the brass has no correlation to the amount of powder or shot. I have used the B&P 1 1/16 #6 (don’t think they are made anymore) on wild birds and they kill ‘em graveyard dead.
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    Gas Prices

    Just picked up a 2011 Suburban with 59K on it. Got 20 MPG on the first tank. I think I’ll park the D-Max and go with the smooth suburban which will be plenty of room for 3 guys 2 dogs and gear/supplies for a week.
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    Semi Automatic 20 Gauge Recommendations

    What he said
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    Anyone seeing any doves in NW Kansas?

    Nicely done, happy dogs!!
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    It has begun!

    It was a beautiful day at 11000’!
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    Dusky grouse habitat

    Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The mature rooster I shot yesterday had just finished his final meal around 8 am…Lots of berries in his crop.
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    Dusky grouse habitat

    Yes, berries…In my neck of the woods in the early season, if you find currant bushes with fruit on them you find grouse.
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    Gas Prices

    Yes it is…mostly Texas, though which is fine by me.
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    Gas Prices

    Yep, $4.49 in Crested Butte, $4.39 in Gunnison…(Diesel)
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    Birds Around Rugby?

    Thanks for your response! Heading near there to Duck hunt early October and am a bit paranoid of Rattlers!
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    Birds Around Rugby?

    What’s the likelihood of running into rattlesnakes in that neck of the woods?
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    Sharptail Hunt

    Never hunted the Valentine National, but have eaten at The Pepper Mill on the way to SD…very good.
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    2023 Trail Camera Pictures

    Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful photos!
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    Fugly shotguns is it just me ?

    Life is too short to hunt with an ugly gun (or dog).
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    Chick Sightings?

    Those are some amazing photos, thanks for sharing!!
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    Extracurricular Fun

    I have not done the PM thing yet, but Frank Days and Cody’s are next door to each other. If it’s stale at one place, go next door. The only caveat is that it doesn’t really get going til about 9 pm or so…
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    2023 Trail Camera Pictures

    Looks very promising!!!