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    Changing dog food

    Same here with PPP, I also went to Victor. Of course, Victor is going up in price, also....what's a person to do!
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    Fur-Fish-Game cover art

    Just got the August issue of Fur-Fish-Game...nice pic of dancing sharptails by Joe Hautman.
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    Vermillion highlands

    Vermillion highlands???
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    More rain! Widespread!

    Got showers here and there through the night. Grass is wet, but the ground is still dry. We need a lot more rain in central Minn.
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    Rain in some of pheasant country…🙏🏻🤞

    Wish they'd quit "short stopping" the rain from getting into Minn...those people in SD, they need to be showing us a little more respect. LOL
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    Roadside survey results

    I've been thinking about doing another road trip to check things out.
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    Rain in some of pheasant country…🙏🏻🤞

    Quite the weather patterns lately.
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    Drawer System or Leer Locker

    The Locker is pretty accessible, the back part drops down a foot, then slides out like a drawer...pretty handy in that respect.
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    Pheasant update

    Week before last, I took a road trip out to Benson, then through Morris, and up to Fergus Falls...very dry all through that area.
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    Drawer System or Leer Locker

    I asked about the Leer Locker on another forum (couple yrs ago), apparently it doesn't seal tightly and lets a lot of dust in the compartment...don't know if added seals would help or if the overall design doesn't work.
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    Mid-Size Pickup Truck

    Found them! They're called Seat Jackers, From a company called Desert Does It. There are Jackers for both front and back. Raise just the front 1", or back and front. It should put your thighs on the seat.
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    Mid-Size Pickup Truck

    Some people were talking about spacers to rise the front of the seat in their Taco's. Must have been the issue of thighs not touching the seat. I can't remember the company name the spacers came front, but now that I know the reason for them, I may take another look...consider trying them.
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    F.a.i.r Iside

    I don't shoot clays, but I've got an old Ithaca Long Range Field and Trap that is stock heavy. What's the idea behind the stock heavy configuration.
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    F.a.i.r Iside

    And under six pounds?
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    F.a.i.r Iside

    Lite barrels start fast and stop fast. An under six lbs guns need longer barrels to create resistance and momentum--think weight forward--through the swing.
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    Eating Grass….what?

    My dog just turned five, and, this is the first year she hasn't come home from the morning run and puked grass out on the floor. Always in the spring.
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    F.a.i.r Iside

    Many positive comments. Only neg I've heard is the checkering on the stock is not to everyones' liking. If I can find the money I'm going to buy one...I never had a 20ga, but most of my upland now is pheasant so a 16ga is hard to ignore.
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    From the Bob Peters Coalition

    Good news. Nice fish, too.
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    2 wheel drive or 4

    I'll admit, even with a 4x4, I'm still kind of a wuss when it comes to "off road areas". I'm not inclined to go down a dirt road that has water covered ruts. Ya just don't know how muddy and deep they are. Where 4 wheel works best for me is where the snow covered parking area is 2-3ft below the...
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    2 wheel drive or 4

    Has more to do with snow depth vs. ground clearance....and tires.