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    Setter neede

    I have a co worker that was a long time hunter and field trailer that has been dogless for several years now. He is now wanting to get another setter. He has asked me if I knew of anybody that has setters. I am not much help because my contacts are Lab people. I told him I would post about his...
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    FS fiber glass truck topper

    Just purchased a new truck so I need to get rid of this topper. It is a Swiss fiber glass cab high topper, Pewter gray in color, fits 1999 to 2006 chev silverrado plus 2007 classic., Standard bed. It has tinted windows all around 1/3 sliders on the side and slider in the front. Very good...
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    upland boot report

    I purchased a pair of the Irish setter Havoc upland boots earlier this summer. And have just recently started to wear them to break them in. For starters, by recommendation from a local boot and leather man he suggested just to use plan ol mink oil. So I oiled them down and put them on my...
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    Is there a Cabelas in Sd?
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    Bradley smokerss

    Wanting to get a new smoker. Whats your thoughts on the Bradley smoker? Original vs the digitol? Is is worth the extra 150 for the digitol. Also what is your favorite brine for smoked pheasant?
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    Williansburg area

    Just curious, I hunted the williamsburg area just west of Iowa City, for about 17 years with great success. 5 years ago was my last trip. Hunted all private gounds with great cover. The last year I went the farms had taken all of the land out of crp as well as many surrounding farms. Just...
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    Dog booties

    at the end of several days of hunting my labs feet get pretty worn out. Worn spots on pads of feet, rawness around toes that makes it difficult for them to walk and hunt. I have given some thought on the dog booties. What are your thoughts on these, pros and cons. What brand to you recommend...
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    Bells and Beepers

    Whats your thoughts on the use of bells and beepers when hunting pheasnts? Do they alert the birds. Do you use them in some situations and not others, if so please explain.
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    2002 Premeir 6 hole dog trailer/fs

    This dog trailer is in excellent shape. Diamond plate aluminum, spare tire, top storage, lights in top storage area, airing out lights on each side, 20 gal water tank, large storage box on front, high output exhaust fan, floor mattes. I added 1 inch of insulation to bottom of trailer. Has been...
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    Hello to all, I am Labman500 from Indiana. I just retired after 32 years of teaching and am planning my first SD pheasant hunt this fall. I have 3 labs and love to train. I have been active in the HRC game for about 25 plus years. I have trained labs on occassions for a few clients but have...
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    Retired and ready???

    :)This is my first post on this website, so I say HI to all. I have just retired after 32 years teaching in the public school system in Indiana. I have alway been an avid upland and water fowl hunter. I have hunted wild birds in Iowa for several years on private land but have lost that land...