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    Blindside for pheasants?

    Has anyone here used Blindside as a non-tox ammo for pheasants? How did it go? How did it pattern compared to lead? How did it pattern with different chokes compared to lead? If you have any experience I hope to hear from you. Thanks guys
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    Four Brooks WMA field trials

    I drive by this state land daily and see a sign for field trials... Does anyone have any info on these trials? I'm just curious and would like to at least attend one.
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    Northern Range pheasants

    So this hasn't happened recently but I started thinking more about it and got curious: Anyway, what's the furtherest north you've seen pheasants? Were they in the typical range or was the spot surprising? I had a couple surprising sightings this summer. Northeast of Brainerd I was traveling a...
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    Southwest MN weekend trip

    Ok, so I've moved from central MN where I found some "honey hole" type spots, but that's relative to the surrounding area (nothing to write home about) and I'm now in northern MN. So that combined with what will be a 4 month old baby at the start of pheasant season means I will have limited time...
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    Game farms in northern MN

    I recently moved up north and I'm trying to find some game farms up here, specifically within an hour (or so) drive from Grand Rapids. I've heard of Baders and Pheasants Plus, but do folks know of others? Also, hearing your opinions on those farms would be helpful too. Thanks!
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    Lead Shot Ban Saw this article and I felt compelled to share. Anyone have thoughts they'd like to share? Whatever your opinion is, please let the DNR know your thoughts! It's our duty as citizens. Personally I'm...
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    Working on wild birds

    Who here runs their pups on wild birds in the off season? What kind of set up do you use and why? (Check cord, e-collar, flank collar, etc.) What types of handling do you do while running on wild birds? Thanks!
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    2015 Population Observations

    I've seen/heard considerably more birds this spring than I did last year. I'm wondering if others have seen the same...? My guess is the mild winter helped. It makes me excited for the fall.
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    New to Pointers

    My wife and I just acquired a 7 month old English pointer in a "rescue" type situation (divorce). The previous owner did little bird work and little training. She's a healthy, happy dog, seems to like me and made a connection with me. Before taking her I looked at her a few times. I've...
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    Snows and Blues

    Today is the spring opener for snows and I'm wondering who all hunts them. I used to as a kid, but back then milk jugs were passable decoys.
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    New from Minnesota

    Hello all! I'm Andrew and I'm from central Minnesota. I'm 26 and I've been bird hunting since I was 11. I started with ruffies and sharptails in NE NoDak but recently have found the joy of chasing roosters. I'm hoping to get some tips and advice here, as well as share stories.