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    Free Rustic camping close to publc hunting?

    Are there any places that u can pitch a tent and camp for free, that is close to good public hunting. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    What makes good quail habitat

    Im just curious what types of habitat do you believe will hold quail on a property. I started raising quail last year. Was thinking about rasing some for release on my own property, but wanted to make habitat improvements so they would hold on the property and make it through hunting season...
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    Ohio public stocking

    Did anyone do any good this year on the stocked public land. I havent tried it but plan on i tnext year. Anyone hunt Salt fork or Dillon state park, those are the 2 closest to me. Any info about hunting stocked areas or the public ground above will be greatly appreciated.
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    Fellow Bird Hunter from WV

    Hey, Everyone I found this site and thought it would be a good way to meet fellow bird hunters and learn more about training from more experienced members. Ive ran coonhounds and rabbit dogs since i was 10. So training dogs isnt new to me. Im now in college and have gotten burnt out of...