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    Today’s results

    Day 2 hunted with 4 retired fish biologists from across the midwest (South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, Arkansas) Ive never laughed so hard while hunting in the field. 3 of them are 80 and the other is 75. It was like hunting with Walter Mattau and Jack Lemmon. Took a little longer today to get...
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    Today’s results

    First day here today 5 man limit by 11am. Hunting private stuff west of Pierre. Snow has some holding tight and some really whiley. numbers are astounding where we are. saw 400 in the 3 - 1/4 mile long shelter belts that we walked plus another 150 grouse/pc. Got to let the dogs work the all...
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    Crash course in SD hunting.

    can do your 2-5 days consecutive. dont need to sit out a day. you can hunt the entire season as a NR just have to keep buying licenses. can change your dates very easily through the app as long as the start date hasn't occurred already. frozen sloughs are a danger anytime of the season...
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    Today’s results

    gonna be a lot of birds shot this weekend with the snow coming. It's like it's December already out there. I'll be arriving some time between Friday and Monday. Unsure as of right now, suppose to duck hunt first in North Dakota then swing down for 3 days of hunting. May be more like 5 days of...
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    Today’s results

    yeah labs dont point gophers, mice, pheasants.
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    Bird cleaning in Mitchell

    cattlemans is family owned. we go to the one in pierre on both our trips oct & dec. cant beat their prime rib
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    Question about my now deaf dog...

    our 13.5 yr old labs hearing went over the past 8 months. crazy how fast it went. She has been following at my foot heals the pas 2 hunting seasons. I took her out duck hunting this past weekend. Surprisingly she went out and got 2 of the ducks. My other 2.5 yr old lab got the others. Crazy how...
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    Welp, came back from Idaho today. i thought soybean harvest would be further along. i90 corridor had very few beans out. mn had many more fields completed. stopped at a couple of the pieces we hunt late season and man were there birds around. lots of cackling and broods dashing into the ditch...
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    Paul D. Nelson

    im not dividing anyone. i grew up in a farming community of 900 people. where i moved my junior year of highschool becsuse corn was $1.50/bushel and hog prices were in the toilet. my dad did construction and had no one building because of it. im commending the guy for being able to fetch that...
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    i guess that report states nothing about harvest just how crops are maturing. im driving through SD on saturday and again on the 20th on my way back from idaho elk hunting. will see lots of harvesting im guessing and have a better report for you sll. talked to my buddy in pierre. Said he is...
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    Paul D. Nelson

    distasteful how? because i made mention of his high prices? good for them for catering to the 1%. especially on the prairies of sd
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    Looks like the bean harvest is starting in South Dakota this past weekend. rain and cool temps will halt it for a few days here now. But with that said it's a good 2 weeks ahead of schedule.
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    Paul D. Nelson

    wow! Sad... just never know when. Must be some really good shooting, eating, and drinking for $6-8k for 3 day hunt.
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    In country again....

    Awesome Report Banger! getting hot and dry out west river where we hunt. Thankfully they had a lot moisture and the sloughs are still full of water. Buddy sent me video of a wildfire started by lightening last night. Fire department got it put out right away. he also sent a video of large...
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    SD Public Land Poll

    50% public 50% private. The private ground we hunt is 1 day at end of october and 2 days beginning of December. public ground can vary from year to year with farmers being able to hay the ground etc. So it's always a crap shoot on some of the ground. we see far fewer birds on public...
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    Brood counts

    Talked w my buddy who farms out by Hayes SD, he is also a big pheasant hunter...he said its been a number of years since he has seen brood sizes this big. Gonna be a great year out there!
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    Brood counts

    my neighbor went out by Hayes SD this weekend to his bro in laws farm where we hunt. perfect amounts of moisture out there. They were cutting hay and he pushed out 2 broods- 15 birds in each one and all were able to fly some distance. so good start thus far.
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    Late Season

    Going to be good with this cold snap to get them sloughs frozen. We were in Pierre nad Chamberlain this past wknd and saw impressive numbers on public and private ground. With all the snow sloughs were cr@p for walking on. Lots of birds holding in the cattails and made walking very difficult...
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    Guide ?

    Hunted last week public ground south of Brookings. Wow! The WPA's there have some amazing habitat and the size of these are big. 2 of us shot 2 in 3 hours of hunting. Flushed about 12 hens on the 3 places we hunted. I then met some buddies up near Doland and hunted with a guide. My buddy...