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    South Dakota Numbers are up 47%

    After a pretty dismal year last year overall in SD, I bet they are happy.
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    Upland Pant Recommendations?

    Time for a new pair. I always liked Cabelas brand for a good compromise between quality and price - but they don't carry them anymore. I was going to get a pair of Browning but have seen quite a few complaints about the snap coming undone, and people saying it should be a button. They are...
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    Two Months Until The Opener!

    It's about that time for me to start getting myself and my dog gradually into hunting shape. At my age (mid 50's) it helps me get through those long walks and beating through the thick stuff. Luckily I live near water so my Lab is getting regular water work. Dang, it's been hot out. I even...
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    Pheasant Hatch

    Any predictions on how the first hatch is going/went? I can't help thinking about how the weather relates to the chicks every morning when I look at the local forecast and radar. The winter was relatively mild. So far so good?