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    What are your plans this year?

    Hit up the normal opening day spot opening morning. After that I’ll do one trip out west, some quail hunting around home. But most of all I’ll be duck hunting and training my retrievers for the spring hunt tests.
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    Anyone planning to chase chickens ?

    Cook them like doves. I like to marinate in Italian dressing for a few hours then grill to medium/rare.
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    How are things shaping up for the hatch?

    I’ve got quail all over my place. Although I don’t hunt them because they stay on a place I don’t know who owns. But during this time of year they are all over my pastures.
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    How has everyone done so far on sharptail?

    Just curious to see how the birds faired. Was thinking about heading up for a few days late next month then out to scotts bluff for opening day of duck season.
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    Fort Pierre area lodging

    Any recommendations on lodging in the FP grasslands area? Doesn’t have to be dog friendly as they have their own digs
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    How are the roads at cimarron grass lands ??

    Trying to find some passable roads after the rain and snow. Phillipsburg roads are nasty as is most of the state right now. Are the roads in the grasslands mostly sandy? Or are they like the minimum maintenance roads here?
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    Road conditions???

    I haven’t been off the blacktop since the snow and rain. How are the minimum maintenance roads out west? I’d imagine they are still sticky.
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    Got me a new puppy

    Yesterday I got one of those long haired pointers. I think they call them English Stters? Lol He's not out of anything special. Just some solid gundogs that are hunted almost everyday of the season. Looking forward to this year!
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    Another season comes to a close - at least for me

    Seems the seasons are ending fast these days. I didn't bird hunt nearly as much as I would have liked. My worse year on quail on the past 5 or so. I did kill more phez this year than I have in a long time. The area I hunt had lots of hens which will be good for next year providing we have...
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    Nebraska national Forrest near Chadron

    whoops I mean ogallalla grasslands. Are sand burs an issue there? Also can someone PM me reference sharptail hunting there?
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    How was everyone's 3 day weekend

    Well, if not a 3 day then 2 day. Made another trip west and managed a few phez. Sad that the seasons end is near. Seems like it just started. The older one gets the faster they go. I think this Saturday will be devoted to quail hunting then maybe try to kill some ducks on Sunday. Last...
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    Back in the deep freeze for the weekend!

    Looks like we are headed back to the freezer this weekend. What's everyone's plans? I'm moving my daughter Saturday and Sunday I'd like to get on some geese.
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    What happened to this member

    "Oldandnew". Always liked his posts and he was a wealth of information! Don't think he's posted since 2016.
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    Old days in Iowa

    Never knew the state released birds. But apparently so.
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    Great couple of days

    For my birthday I loaded my labs up and headed west. Tuesday morning. Stopped and hunted the spot I hunted opening day. It was windy, cold, and snowing. Never saw a bird, not even any tracks. Back in the truck and headed to Jewell county. Scouted around some but didn't see anything I liked...
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    Crestvue motel Mankato

    Recommend this? Has anyone stayed there lately? Don't need a 5 star but also don't need to swat roaches or have bed springs in my back either.
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    Opening weekend report

    My daughter got a very good education today on habitat = birds. We hunted the same spot we hunted last year. This spot is not very big but it has water, tall grass and feed on 3 sides. Last year in about a 40 acre area we flushed probably 40-50 pheasants and a really nice covey of quail...
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    Is it me or does it look like there isn't as much WIHA this year as last year? Specifically in the far NW.
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    Dumb question but does anyone here ever try to hunt woodcock in Kansas?