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  1. Nugent

    Deep snow hunt

    This is my yellow lab retrieving a bird in deep snow.
  2. Nugent

    Spruce trees

    Pheasant forever, has been planting spruce trees, in rows, for habitat projects. I would rather see them plant Russian olive trees.Pheasants dont like spruce trees all that much.Any opinions?
  3. Nugent

    Last day of the season rooster

    This bird flushed from a high bluff over looking the Yellowstone. My dog made a great retrieve as usuall. Beautiful final day.Can't wait for oct,12th, so we can go again.Actually, April 12, then sept.1 for sharptails.
  4. Nugent

    Winter gobbler

    This is a turkey I just got with my lab.12 gauge 870
  5. Nugent

    Montana hunting

    Has anybody hunted central Montana this season? Looking for general info. Thanks
  6. Nugent

    Happy veterans day

    Happy veterans day, to all my fellow veterans! It sure was not easy.Thank you.
  7. Nugent

    Fall 2019 hunting reports

    Has anybody been out in central mt. This season?
  8. Nugent

    Chilled out hunting friend

    Hunting friend.Liberal, must have can over camper, like rock music, non big game hunter, likes labs, camping in the boonies, having a few pops, beers, good conversationalist, some what educated, not a frugal type, must be willing to be chill, and cool.
  9. Nugent

    Pheasant photo

    I'm trying to get a few pics on here
  10. Nugent

    Any hunting reports

    Does anybody have a report for central mt., or a general report?
  11. Nugent

    Superficial puncture wound

    My lab has a superficial puncture wound.The vet put a suture in it, and said she has to take it easy for 2 weeks.It didn't bleed much at all, wasn't deep.Here is the question: should some light hunting be ok, after 1 week? In other words, light, sharp tail cover? Just to get out?
  12. Nugent

    Roy mt.

    That area around Roy Montana looks good this tear.
  13. Nugent

    Heavy brush, cat tail pounder wanted

    I think my nephew and I are going to hunt the high line in late December.Probably hunt for a week.Looking for somebody who likes to pound heavy cover, and likes to have a few brews.Cheap motel, good area, lots of public.Must like classic rock, and walking.
  14. Nugent


    A few photos from november.
  15. Nugent

    870 bolt issues

    I have an 870 that I've fired several thousand rounds through.Now, the bolt won't lock in place when it's all the way back.Gunsmith says the forks are bent, would cost hundreds to fix it. Any comments?
  16. Nugent

    Lewistown Mt.

    What's the report on the Lewistown area?
  17. Nugent


    Where is all the Crp?Birds are down, no rain in months, I don't think any of this years hatch made it, Farmers didn't harvest crops in some areas. No young pheasant seen by me.
  18. Nugent

    Turkey hunting

    Here is a good tip, and don't take this lightly.Turkey, are usually smart birds. They can see a half mile, and pick you out.Dont move around out in the open at all, if you can avoid it. Stay in the trees. If you must move in the open, make sure it's pitch dark. O dark thirty.Get up, at 330. Am...
  19. Nugent

    Dominate goblers

    When a pack of big goblers comes to the call, which one in the line, is the oldest bird?Is it the one in the front, the one in full strut,the biggest bird, the one with the longest beard?Ive called in flocks of toms, several times, and you have to pick one out, to shoot.Its perplexing.
  20. Nugent


    Anybody interested in some goose, upland hunting in October? Great deal, master hunter.Get your own room, bring your trained dog. Must enjoy a few drinks after hunting. No hicks, or rednecks. No illegal types. Eatprly mornings, lots of work. Mature giant snow geese. Also, must be willing to...