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  1. goldenboy

    Ace Up My Sleeve

    Great story A5! They never cease to amaze me with their will to live and survive. I have shot roosters before and seen them bounce on the ground because they were so "dead." Only to watch him come to life and sprint off into the sunset!
  2. goldenboy

    A couple firsts, a couple questions

    Great picture! Great smile! Thanks for letting us in on your story. I would hunt with you any day. Lets get our goldens out together.
  3. goldenboy

    Finally got out with Tinker

    Nice Kismet! What is stopping you from hunting more this year?
  4. goldenboy

    Question for Golden Breeders-Gay Tail

    I have been breeding Golden's for many years. I had to look it up because I have never heard of it or seen it on my litters. My suggestion is that you look at pictures of both parents before you buy a dog. If you don't like a certain feature in one of the parents be careful because it will show...
  5. goldenboy

    A Labrador Retriever Struggling Retrieving Birds (video) - Advice Appreciated

    Watch the video and listen to yourself. Way to many commands. If a dog is Force fetched or Collar conditioned whatever term you want to use the dog should pick up that bird. From watching the video I can assume a few things. 1. The yard work of force to pile was not completed. That is not about...
  6. goldenboy

    Citori Got Baptized...

  7. goldenboy

    Dog price questions

    Prices on dogs will always be debated, especially on forums like this. You can find a "good" dog in lots of places. "Good" is what you perceive as good. Standards that put your dog against others is where the increase in money comes from. Proven health, retrieving standards, hunt tests, etc all...
  8. goldenboy

    When asking for health clearances?

    I breed Golden's and we have an OFA report on hips, elbows, eyes and hearts. There are a miriad of other tests based on the breed.
  9. goldenboy

    Dog price questions

    Thanks for checking out the website! Here is what I will tell you on prices of dogs. If you have to get on a waiting list, there is a reason. If you find a dog the breeder couldn't get rid of, there is a reason. I had sticker shock when I purchased my second golden. The difference is why I now...
  10. goldenboy


    Opening day in Minnesota is usually hot and full of crops. I like to wait until more crops are down and the weather is cooler.
  11. goldenboy

    No Federal Prairie Storm- Clear skies in MN

    I love that movie!
  12. goldenboy

    crop reports 2020

    Here is the link to the 2020 crop reporting. Looks like things are ahead of last year. Kind of fun to look week to week!
  13. goldenboy

    Crop reports for 2020

    Here is a link to the progress. Looks like everything is well ahead of last year. Early reporting but you can watch it here weekly.
  14. goldenboy

    No Federal Prairie Storm- Clear skies in MN

    I heard from a friend who was playing golf with federal execs the other day. They will not be making prairie storm this year! something about not being able to keep up with demand for all the other stuff they produce. He siad that he finds that hard to believe because the shotshells are produced...
  15. goldenboy

    North Central Minnesota bear bait pics 09-16-2020

    I can't see the pics or click on any links.
  16. goldenboy

    1.5 YO Pup Will fetch pheasants but not grouse... ideas? Maybe afraid of feathers?

    Exactly! one successful training session does not produce a trained retriever. Like I said before it is about obedience not retrieving. One person's definition of a retrieve can be different from someone else's definition. But I don't want my dog to drop the bird in the water before they deliver...
  17. goldenboy

    1.5 YO Pup Will fetch pheasants but not grouse... ideas? Maybe afraid of feathers?

    Force fetch, collar conditioning, and yard work are all about obedience. It isn't about retieving. They will pick up what you tell them to because it is obedience training. Then when you are in the field the obedience is solid and they understand that they do not have an option of picking up a...
  18. goldenboy

    1.5 YO Pup Will fetch pheasants but not grouse... ideas? Maybe afraid of feathers?

    Has she been force fetched or collar conditioned? If not that might be a start to get her to pick up differnt birds. Has she picked up a duck? How does she do with other kinds of birds?
  19. goldenboy

    Sharps and huns

    BB are you in eastern Montana?
  20. goldenboy

    Brining game birds?

    I use a Kosher salt (it is thicker with big crystals) dissolved in water with pheasant breasts. I soak it for at least four hours then I smoke them on the pellet grill. Great snack right out of the fridge!