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  1. goldenboy

    crop reports 2020

    Here is the link to the 2020 crop reporting. Looks like things are ahead of last year. Kind of fun to look week to week!
  2. goldenboy

    Crop reports for 2020

    Here is a link to the progress. Looks like everything is well ahead of last year. Early reporting but you can watch it here weekly.
  3. goldenboy


    I know this is an odd question but here goes nothing. As I sit in my office waiting for fall to hit I think about pheasants. With tattoos becoming some socially acceptable nowdays I have been thinking about possibly a pheasant tattoo. Has anyone seen a well done pheasant tattoo? I am thinking...
  4. goldenboy

    Outlook from those on the ground

    Hey guys, I usually spend a few days in North Dakota every year chasing ringnecks. I am interested in hearing from those that live in the state or travel there regularly. What are you seeing for water? Last year was crazy wet has it leveled out? How are the crops looking? I imagine the corn is...
  5. goldenboy

    Literal Bon-fire invite!

    Okay, so on another thread I have been inviting guys to my virtual bonfire to talk about shooting, hunting, dogs, and other related topics. Since I will be on a 7 week self inflicted quarantine (I have a litter of puppies arriving sometime this week,) I thought I would invite guys, and gals over...
  6. goldenboy

    Question about pups from the same litter

    I have a question that I think many people would like some clarification on. I am a breeder of Golden Retrievers. I occassionally keep a pup out of one of my litters. Typically I get the pick of the litter so I choose the one that has the most drive and expresses the most determination for...
  7. goldenboy

    Golden Retriever Puppies

    Hey guys, It is pretty dead on this site at this time of the year but I thought I would bring a little life to the forum. My female Reba just started a heat cycle. I just found the right stud dog last week and everything is falling into place. Now if they will both cooperate and nature does...
  8. goldenboy

    Look What I Found!!!

    Here is my new pup. She showed up at the front door today with another retrieve! To my surprise she in now a shed hunting dog as well. Pretty cool.
  9. goldenboy

    Little brag report!

    I have a new pup out of my kennel that I brought to North Dakota last week. She just turned 5 months old today Dec. 9th! We got into a few roosters in one spot and while her mother was retrieving a down bird my newest girl Randi flushed her first wild pheasant! I was able to shoot that bird and...
  10. goldenboy

    North Dakota report

    Well, I just got back from hunting central North Dakota. Virtually all the corn is still in the field. I was told by someone who manages pheasant property that if the temps stay above 25 degrees that the pheasants don't come out of the corn to roost at night. If that is the case then I see why...
  11. goldenboy

    Hunting conditions and bird counts

    I am heading out to Steele this Wednesday to hunt Thursday through Sunday. Anybody hunting in the middle of the state? What are you finding for birds? I have heard that the crops are still in the fields. What about snow depths? This is late in the year and I like to chase late season birds...
  12. goldenboy

    Teaching your puppy when they are little.

    What do you guys do to teach your puppy when they are young? Here is a short video of how I start them in the house. Share with us your success stories and tips on how to train a young dog.
  13. goldenboy

    Northwestern North Dakota opportunity

    Guys, It looks like North Dakota has had a bit of a boom in pheasant numbers. Has anyone on the site hunted up there at all? I don't see anything for hunting lodges in the area. Anybody had any luck knocking on doors? What about farmers who would charge a trespass fee? Anybody have any...
  14. goldenboy

    My new hunting buddy!

    I sure hope she hunts like her mom and grandma, and great grandma! Looking forward to another good run with another red dog! [/URL][/IMG]
  15. goldenboy

    Red wing boot sale!

    Hey guys I know a lot of you on this site wear red wing boots. The local shoe store in my town is going out of business and selling all of his inventory. He has been mending shoes for 42 years. Flat rate for shipping as well. Somebody is going to get some great deals! I will be showing up at the...
  16. goldenboy

    Field bred Golden Retriever puppies!

    Hey guys, just letting you know my female is having a litter of puppies! They should be on the ground around the 13th of July. If you or anyone you know is looking for a good Golden to hunt with send them my way. If you go to my website you can see pics of the sire and dame...
  17. goldenboy

    Saying goodbye is never easy!

    I had to say goodbye to the most loyal dog I have ever owned today! My girl "Ruby's number 19 foxy Roxy" (Roxy) passed on today. I know golden's are loyal, needy, trusting, pets but she was the exception. Wherever I was in the house, she followed me. If I got up from the table after dinner and...
  18. goldenboy

    Need a springer spaniel trainer!

    Hey guys, I have a good buddy that thinks we need different colored dogs in the field. What I mean is that we hunt together but he decided to buy a different colored dog than my red goldens! His son has one of my dogs and so do some of his friends that hunt with us. But I get off track easily...
  19. goldenboy

    Lethal Lead product?

    Hey guys, I was at the local sportsman show the other day. I always like to go and shoot the breeze with guys and see what is new out there. I came across this older gentleman that had this interesting product. It is called lethal lead. How many times have you told new shooters to "lead' the...
  20. goldenboy

    Dogtra 280NCP Platinum 2 dog ecollar system

    This collar works great. I was replacing the battery in the sending unit and I ordered the wrong battery! I needed it for a hunt I was going on the next day so I had to make a run to Cabela's and purchase a new set of collars for the next day! I replaced the battery in this one and everything...