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    who do I contact about tiled wet lands?

    Took the dog for a run to a place i havnt been to in about five years and this field held water year round except for the dog days of summer it dried up a little. But now its gone, cat tails and all, its all been planted. Who do I contact to find out if they illegally drained a wet lands
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    dog wont leave yard birds alone?

    Guess its just more frustrating than anything, but my GSP wants to point sparrows or anything else that flys and after they fly he wants to folow them around the field. Do they grow out of it? he's never been on a trip where he gets onto alot of pheasants like in the dakotas so im hoping after...
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    Is PF fall hunting preview out yet?

    I never recieved the summer issue of Pheasants Forever and have yet to get the fall hunting preview was just wondered if its out yet.
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    Quail Forever banquet

    If anyone is interested in attending a banquet leave me a message with your contact info. This is a new chapter and its our first banquet. Its in Mcarthur,Oh on March 31. 70 a couple or 50 a single. That includes one membership to quail forever, meal, open bart til dinner. 12 or 13 guns raffled...