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    Today’s results

    3 guys, 4 dogs limited out yesterday. Should have been done by 1, but first day of the trip excitement got the best of us! Cattail, plum thickets oh my! Absolutely the most birds I’ve seen in SD in years. So much fun...great friends, great dogs, great birds. What could be better?
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    mid January quail/pheasant hunt to north central Ks. ( staying in Lucas ). Bringing 3 Brittany's and a Lab.

    Where I hunt in Kansas we have an equal opportunity in finding pheasants and quail on the same property. I use # 6 shot . Adequate for pheasant and doesn’t beat up the quail too much.
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    ~ October Ringnecks ~

    Very nice. I have never seen that kind of wood on a white Lightning; but for that matter, I have not seen a grade 3 White Lightning. Mechanical trigger or inertia?
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    ~ October Ringnecks ~

    Great photo Mike! Real nice piece of wood on your Browning. What model is that?
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    Why hasn’t the brood report been posted?

    Like the report said, there will be pockets of good hunting...
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    Live Pheasant Photos

    Great photos, thanks for sharing and making me less patient for 10/24!
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    Nebraska Outfitter

    Thanks Dave, I look forward to meeting you as well! Geordie
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    Nebraska Outfitter

    I don’t think you ever guided us. It has typically been Jack. You might have hunted with us one snowy day though. You might be able to tell me? I hunt with two Chessies. The guy I’m thinking of showed up with a buddy. He said he had guided there in the past. Hunted with us for a while...
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    Nebraska Outfitter

    I’m going there 10/24. Have not been there in about 6 years and I cant wait! They are wonderful people and you get treated like a king without having to pay a fortune.
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    No Federal Prairie Storm- Clear skies in MN

    I just checked some of my usual spots on line. Hardly any 16 gauge loads available, Let alone federal. Glad I stocked up earlier.
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    No Federal Prairie Storm- Clear skies in MN

    You may have to buy off the internet...Natchez, Wholesale hunter, etc
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    No Federal Prairie Storm- Clear skies in MN

    To you 16 gauge hunters: If you buy the new Prairie Storm, be aware these are not 1 1/4 ounce loads as advertised. I bought them from 2 different suppliers and they came in at 1 1/8 Ounce. Had I known, I would have bought the regular copper plated Wing Shok and not spent the extra $.
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    Brining game birds?

    Brining my Blue Grouse right now from yesterday’s harvest. Milk/water and a bit of salt.
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    New Town New Vet

    Congratulations on your retirement! Now you can really get some hunting in!
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    Footage From Grouse Hunting Trip in Colorado

    Gunnison County is about 5 hours south of Steamboat. Have seen them consistently from 8800 - 10800 feet. Look for the Currant bushes, open parks with pine trees. Pretend you are Elk hunting.
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    Footage From Grouse Hunting Trip in Colorado

    We hunted Tuesday, Saturday and Monday. Saw lots of birds each time out. Went boating on the Blue Mesa on Sunday. Weather was almost too hot, but that is about to change!
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    New upland gun!

    Works very time!
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    New upland gun!

    I’ve always gone with the “don’t tell her” theory.
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    Looking for a left hand Pheasant gun

    If you look hard enough, Remington 1100 Has made a LH in 20 gauge.
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    pheasant on the grill

    I know this is not a grillable, but never the less, one of my favorites. Pheasant Cordon Bleu: Filet the breast off the bone and butterfly the meat open and flat. Season with basil, pepper and a touch of garlic. add one thin piece of Muenster cheese and Black Forest Ham. Roll it up like a...