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    Any reports from hunters ?

    Waiting to hear from hunters, boots on the ground reports. Is anybody out there? :)
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    Hunting Public Land NM , AZ end of 2105 season

    Looking for those experienced in hunting AZ and NM. Heading that way this week, traveling with my Brittany's . Any opportunity's for a newbie to these states to see any birds. Have hunted Texas once, SD extensively , but nothing this far south. Regards
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    NM Bird Hunting 2016

    Will be passing through NM for a couple days next week going to Az from Kansas, on Hwy 40, or 25 to 40. Is there any opportunity for quail on public land in the north? I will have my Brittany's with me and thought maybe it's worth a shot in the dark? Any info most appreciated. Regards
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    Report All Sightings

    Our own homegrown Road/Field Survey. Thought it would be interesting, to see if or where there are any birds. No need to be specific, just general area, district or county. Good Luck!:)
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    Federal WPA closings

    The Obama Administration, for no good reason except to irritate hunters,has started closing federal public hunting lands. This includes Water Fowl Production Areas. Has anyone noticed?
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    youth hunt reports

    Any reports or numbers from the youth hunt??????????????