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    NEWS FLASH: Drought ends at Ponderosa

    Near Topeka proabably dont want to know how much rain we've been getting - since Oct/November or somewhere in there pretty consistent - this past week rained twice and thursday night/evening all night into morning off and on with some downpours where I live - and some hail and wall clouds...
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    Looking for recommendations for shooting preserves

    Dont support that Jackwagon - the owner is in the KS Legislature and is not your friend as a sportsman.
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    Those I;ve found best to do the shimmy shuffle on the ground flat on my back --drop my vest on the other side and set gun on other side or slide it under. Always check for cactus or burrs before placing hands or laying on the ground...ha. Worth walking to a for sure spot to cross.
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    Crop weed killer killing chicks?

    K state is an Ag school -- do you in your right mind think they'd put anything out that goes against big ag they likely receive money from or would ruffle the feathers of the more sensitive ag producers? I thought you had more common sense than that. Are you sure your account has not been...
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    Because those fields weren't full of GMO crops, soybeans, very likely had lots of forbs, and insects, and food (native plants -- the weeds farmers hated) working in harmony with mother nature. Now not so much.
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    Ft Riley

    A little bit - I dont live too far away relatively speaking. (1hr)
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    Where would you go?

    Based on the photos and YT vids I've seen Montana would be high on my list -- Never really been highly motivated to leave KS during the season -- can't this year but the way things are around here if I want out of state I'd leave now during our bird season. MT would be a lot closer to you -...
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    This theft couldnt have happened to a more deserving company

    I sadly take pleasure in reading what happened to Tyson -- but I'm not really ashamed after what they have done to the poultry business and are by the looks of this business setup with the feedyard owner doing the exact same business model to the beef business. God can only hope for most of...
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    It Looks Grim

    I think you in a way are echoing what I've said before -- KDWP PF and farming and ranching have to work together -- instead they let Big Ag (Monsanto, Pioneer, Cargill, whatever other corporate interests there are) dictate policy in their favor - the farmers/ranchers are like frogs in a kettle...
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    Land Acquisition and Conservation Easements

    You own the land in the easement and they are telling you that you can't allow hunting? (Wanting to make sure I read it right -- or you mean they are an anti hunting org?) Nature Conservancy and what state?
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    Habitat experiment NE KS

    Berryton - so close.
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    Habitat experiment NE KS

    I was fortunate to be able to purchase 72 acres - was an 80 save for the RR tracks running through it now a trail -- anyways next door to the 6 acres we live on now and closed on it last June. About 45 or so of it is farmed. 22 or so is pretty much waste but about 10 was farmed up until 2018...
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    Howard Vincent retiring from PF

    I dont think it's the kids the ruin it -- it's typically the adults taking advantage of it. In KS it sure seems that way -- you should see the photos of bucks posted on the KS hunting and fishing FB page after "Youth" deer season opens. 7-10 yr olds on that page have shot some once in a...
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    You're all full of it.....

    Troy you're an outlier. I dont know where you fall on PF - I dont like them, not expecting you to voice your opinion - I want to call out their political BS. Same for the upper mgmt of KDWP and our state legislature - It's very likely mostly wasted energy. Anyways respect what you do and...
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    Upland bird population will never fully rebound.

    Sounds like you are a duck hunter too? I'm not really into ducks but like watching the migration/seeing them - so follow at a distance -- there's a group Waterfowl Forums or something like that - they are facing the same issues -- what little I looked into it seemed that weather may have been...
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    Howard Vincent retiring from PF

    WHERE I LIVE -- KS _- you are better off spending money with DU and NWTF or Nature Conservancy -- They provide far more habitat and money in this state than PF -- I'm not going to relay my good friends dealings with PF as that's his story to tell if he wants to - but crimey - PF people he deals...
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    Upland bird population will never fully rebound.

    PF doesnt do squat in KS - when you dive into their financials you can see it's all smoke and mirrors. One of my dear friends manages Thousands and thousands of acres for a # of wealthy folks that care about conservation but own the land for wealth preservation and of course developing it...
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    Howard Vincent retiring from PF

    You really have drank the kool-aid
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    It Looks Grim

    When am I meeting you in Iowa -- Have 2 setters ready to go - they have not seen enough roosters since I've been focusing on quail mainly. You want someone to go I'm game. Been a long time since I've had a good pheasant hunt. Those are hard to come by in my usual haunts anymore.
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    It Looks Grim

    You Cheesy and myself are probably about the same age -- What has changed is roundup ready crops, lack of eco/biodiversity and a switch for a lot to beans/corn rotation - limited milo - no dirty wheat fields, loss of CRP etc. We also fail to take into account that we have the Deertards who all...