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    Finding secret spots that are public land

    Call the county conservation office for the best info. There is one by me that is only partially open to hunting and is limited to shotgun only with no posted signage on either rule.
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    20 Gauge Ammo **SOLD***

    I'll be rolling through Des Moines the morning of November 7th on my way to western Iowa, I'll take them if you still have them and its convenient for both of us...
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    Don't forget about Dre

    Nice thread name👌
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    Lets See Your some pic's

    Scouting pheasant spots and snipe hunting can be the same thing!
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    Finding secret spots that are public land

    Whoa, whoa, whoa fellow Iowan, let's not tell people that the DNR hunting atlas forgot certain public parcels... I've shot many, many birds off one unlisted piece in the past several years.
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    Some Research on Lead Shot in Pheasant Article by Jim Heffelfinger that lays out the lead issues pretty clearly. He's a smart fella who uses science, not an agenda, to cover the topic of lead ammo.
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    Some Research on Lead Shot in Pheasant Here it is, fed them bb sized lead pellets until they died in the name of science!
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    Some Research on Lead Shot in Pheasant

    Here is about 10,000,000 pages on lead in humans and animals. Https:// . Urban areas have higher lead concentrations due to many reasons that are laid out. People and animals in urban areas have higher lead exposure and lead blood levels than ther...
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    Hello All

    I would wait until mid November and hunt during the week and travel on the weekends. That time frame is when I did my trip last year, still lots of birds, most of the crops are out, and the vast majority of hunters are at work. Make sure to give the local wildlife biologist a call for tips...
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    What do you feed your Hunting Dog

    I was on their website and 50lbs was still listed but when I clicked the buy now link the bag was 48lbs (chicken and rice). Looks like purina is rebranding, spend lots of money to say 'look at the new us! We're the same but in more aesthetically appealing packaging' same product and the price...
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    What do you feed your Hunting Dog

    I've come up with a solution. Menards sells pro plan and regularly offers 11% rebates on everything in the store. I'll just dedicate my current rebates and buy when they are doing their 11% deal. Its like they're paying me to buy dog food, right? Well, thats what I'll be telling myself.
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    What do you feed your Hunting Dog

    I've been feeding my dog Pro Plan Sport for the majority of his life and just ran into some serious sticker shock. Price went up to $75.49 for a 47lb bag, nothing like paying more for less. I grabbed a bag of their high protein dog chow ($28 for 48lbs) and until I figure where to go next I...
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    Boss is now up to $300 for 200 shells, damn inflation, or whatever you want to call whats going on these days...
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    Lead is more dense, but also harder(in a decent upland load, bulk target ammo may not be). Save pellets of each out of birds and grab a pair of pliers test it out yourself, the bismuth pellets crush and break apart much easier. Or if you're feeling a little wild cut open a few perfectly good...
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    Tail feather: how long

    27 3/4" is the longest I've seen. Bird got up out of a ditch and after my dad and I both shot(and dropped the bird) we looked at each other and said "did you see those tailfeathers?" Luckily my current dog destroyed my feather collection when he was a pup, wanted to write his own history I...
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    Kent used to be about $30-32 for a box of 25, now cabelas/bass pro lists it at about $42-45 for a box of 25. Boss was $200 for 200 shells, now it is $250 for 200 rounds and shows up in 2 days(if you sign up for notifications when in stock). Boss is $1.25 per shell, kent is going to run $1.68+...
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    Bismuth 1¹/⁴oz of 4 shot is the way to go for non-tox, its as close as you are going to get to using lead no. 5. Kent got too pricey for me so I switched to Boss, I highly recommend using tighter chokes, every gun I patterned bismuth with threw a more open pattern than with lead.
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    Private land access for a fee

    The orange army has been greatly reduced along with Iowa's deer population over the last fifteen years or so. I just wait until late morning when most hunters are either tagged out, hunted out, or ready to grab lunch and watch some football. Sticking to midday and open grasslands I rarely see...
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    2021 Pheasant Season Pictures

    Rusty got me and a stranger 5 birds on opening day in Iowa. Lots of running and early flushing young roosters was our experience.
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    It was time for a 20 gauge auto

    The trigger spring is like $12 from mcarbo, buy 2 and save on shipping, it worked well on my gun.