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    Eating Grass….what?

    Better grass than some dung!
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    Most popular breeds for pheasant

    Griffin, great for an old man and smaller fields. Nose is outstanding, picks up birds my GWP speeds by.
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    Single shot guns?

    My son used a single shot by choice his last year of his youth hunt both days, 2 shells, 2 birds. He was happy, Ruger was not!
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    How do you store your frozen game and fish

    Have always used plastic wrap then freezer paper, never freezer burn.
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    Spring Turkey

    We cut the breast in small nuggets, marinade in Frank's Hot Sauce, bread and deep fry...really good this way.
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    2023 Nest Predator Bounty Program

    Thanks! I use the mellows but never thought of the vanilla extract.
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    2023 Nest Predator Bounty Program

    Coons in Iowa are way out of control. Hopefully open season will be approved soon.
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    Pheasant Fest

    I would go if it wasn't in MPLS. No offense to the city. We just don't like going to big cities anymore.
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    Atlas AT 50 Wobble trap

    Excellent machine! Four years no issues, have plenty of shells.
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    Winter Weather

    South of 80 in eastern Iowa ihas 1 to 2 inches. So far a mild winter except a few days.
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    Habitat tracking

    I sort of do that. If you know how many roosters where harvested in the area I would think you would have that many hens left. Then i add 25% of the harvest # for both hens and roosters. It's hard to estimate. I probably have way more than 25% of the rooster population left after season. 😀
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    2022 season photos IOWA

    His eyes do look a little wild there! Lol Maybe he realized it was the last day of season. No snow south of 80 and maybe south of 20. Highs is the 40's has melted what little we had.
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    2022 season photos IOWA

    My son went with me yesterday. It was warm! We hunted until 12:00 and took a break. The wirehair on the left was wore out, had to almost prop him up for pics We hunted with Otis in the afternoon and got 2 more roosters. The last bird was at 4:15, winged bird in the muddy food plot after 4...
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    2022 season photos IOWA

    Had a couple good hunts this weekend. The birds were holding better, maybe the damp overcast days, not sure.
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    Who Hunts With A Field Cocker?

    Maybe consider a Griffon, they work slower and close. I am older and really like my 1 1/2 yr old.
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    2022 season photos IOWA

    Remy do you control the coon population or have many in your area?
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    December young birds

    7 miles, pretty sure these were wild though.
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    When and where?????

    Not proud of this. In 1974 my dad got me out of the barn when I was 12, he said there is a rooster up our lane. So he told me to hop in our white 65 Chevy pickup with 410 volt action. It was still there so I shot it out the window. My dad never hunted but he did get me into hunting. After that I...
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    Getting rid of canary grass?

    I usually check with the Iowa State Ext Office or your local NRCS. They can be helpful sometimes with this.
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    December young birds

    I did a little research, it states it is possible for an early September hatch in Iowa.