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    Looking for gryphon breeder

    I told a buddy I'd post for him, he ain't a member here. Looking for a gryphon pointer dog, breeder suggestions in MN or surrounding area appreciated. Any input on this bread you can also leave here, as I'll forward the link to my buddy. His wife wants a dog that doesn't shed. I'm guessing the...
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    Pheasant update

    After the Aberdeen coalition proclamation that the pheasants made it through the winter like a champ, and the subsequent post by a member that his families land in SD is now more or less devoid of any signs of phasianus with the implication that old man winter reduced the population to nil, or...
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    Red River

    And this site is like our support group.
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    Red River

    Maybe goose can give him a few shooting pointers if they ever meet. Things he learned pass shooting on the high canadians.
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    F.a.i.r Iside

    I don't think from the readings I've done people advocate for a longer barreled o/u or s/s due to it making the gun overly heavy. I believe the argument is it balances the gun better. You definitely don't want a gun that's got poor balance or is butt heavy. If the gun is just a touch unbalanced...
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    F.a.i.r Iside

    For the record I don't have any sub-gauge guns for game or otherwise. But when I read the last few posts it struck me, as I had just read earlier in the day some info on the matter in a book called Shotguns and Shooting by M. McIntosh. To quote directly off page 95, "To my mind, the...
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    Mid-Size Pickup Truck

    Yeah I had a buddy who was 6' 4" and he bought a 4runner. I know head space was a little tight for him. I read that the new 2024 Ford Ranger might have a new option of the crew cab but still keeping a full size bed, 6 feet I think.
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    From the Aberdeen coaltion

    Not trying to speak for others, but I think most hunters on this board care about bird numbers and the general health of the land and its wildlife. The distinction I see is that when it comes fall and hunting opens, then a lot of guys that live for pheasant hunting "don't care" about bird...
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    From the Bob Peters Coalition

    How did the pheasants survive the Minnesota winter? Pheasant Update I went out with a buddy on Saturday for the fishing opener. We tried a new lake in "slightly western MN." We caught a fish, then another. Fishing started out slow and seemed to increase as the day went on. One thing that did...
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    No Fall Turkey

    I have turkey hunted MN WI and SD. I've always seen birds and had chances. Sad to hear what has happened to the turkey populations in other states. I know that podcasts and youtubes I watch used to say the state they were in or had hunted in. Now they won't do that, I think hotspotting even at...
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    Opening day experiences...public land

    Lots of variables on this subject, and you guys have shared some great info. Before the season starts I'll do a little scouting to check the crop status. If the weather is cool I definitely plan to get out. I have noticed that most people are out in the morning for a few hours and then things...
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    Here's some Federal premium at a good price I think
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    Opening day experiences...public land

    Thanks all for the insight on my question. To be honest sometimes I miss pheasant season so much, that I post on this website. I just got a turkey yesterday, I have a bunch of fishing tournaments this summer, and I love all of that for sure and always will. But ever since I started pheasant...
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    Spring Turkey

    I got my Minnesota turkey. I went Wednesday with a buddy and told him he could shoot first. He really loves cooking wild game and we had a jake come in really close and he got him. Stayed another couple hours but only saw hens. I went out this morning at 10am and had a turkey at 10:45.
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    Opening day experiences...public land

    For some reason if the season was just on the verge of opening I wouldn't post this question. But being it is 5.5 months away give or take I think it's a safe bet. I'm just looking for your experiences with hunting opening day on public land in the pheasant belt. I have hunted opening day twice...
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    Spring Turkey

    gim, I love the turkey hunting hat! Nice bird. I went to scout my spot yesterday and there were three hens in the field. I might hunt this week and see if I can find the tom or jake that's been spotted strutting out there by the locals.
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    Pheasant and/or ducks?

    Let's see if Benelli Banger chimes in, he hunted more than Daniel Boone when he was working full time. Now that he's retired the wild creatures better watch out!
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    Pheasant and/or ducks?

    🎶Still doin' time, in a workin' mans prison, still doin' time time, where huntin' ain't a given My poor dog's heart is breakin' Oh, but there's no escapin' Each morning I wake up and I find Not enough huntin' time Not enough huntin' time🎶
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    Single shot guns?

    Steve Grooms wrote in his book on pheasant hunting that when he went from an automatic to an o/u he seemed to hit more often and figured it was to concentrating on the shot rather than just letting the lead fly. I shoot as semi, but plan to pick up an O/U before next season.
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    How do you store your frozen game and fish

    I was just wondering for those who freeze birds and fish fillets, what's your favorite method? I've been thinking of getting a vacuum sealer and trying it out. I don't have a big chest freezer, so space is sometimes at a premium.