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    No Fall Turkey

    I think that we’ve pretty well bottomed out, and even the state realizes that, and they can’t make money off of a resource that we don’t have. KDWP has been making some much needed adjustments as of late. Lord willing, we’re beginning the slow climb out of the pit for our wildlife, and our hunters.
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    Final days in Kansas

    We had a couple of hunts this year where we saw significantly more than that. There are still some “honey holes” around.
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    Been hunting public ground in NWK for the past few days. Saw a few, shot a few. Every pheasant we shot was this year’s bird. Lots of wild flushers, too, which are likely carry overs.
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    Lock and Load for the Opener

    I had other matters come up, so I won’t be able to chase the upland birds until later this week. You couldn’t ask for a more gorgeous opening weekend though. ~10 degrees right now out in pheasant country. Low 20’s here in far southeast Kansas. Sitting out here drinking my coffee and watching my...
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    Lock and Load for the Opener

    I will be out there amongst em.
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    2022 season photos IOWA

    Two weekends in a row of world class pheasant hunting! Iowa is the place to be, these days!
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    Youth Weekend??

    I have some friends that went out with their kids and shot a few birds. Don’t know any details. I just saw their pictures.
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    Mixed bag.

    I keep saying I’m going to go hunt chickens. I live pretty close to the Flint Hills. Might have to take the labs for a walk out in the Smokies, on my way to hunt pheasants in western Kansas next week.
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    We found some dirt roads that I guarantee you would turn to gumbo. Most are gravel, though, and should be just fine. I was referring to their dirt roads in my initial post.
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    No different than Kansas, if you’ve experienced those. If it’s soupy out, they’re generally a no go. The locals don’t appreciate them being torn up, either. In the area of Iowa I hunt, the (human) population is significantly higher than that of western Kansas, so more roads are gravel, than dirt.
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    Quick trip

    Glad to hear that you boys up in Minnesota are having some success!
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    Up here hunting in WC Iowa. Lots of birds!
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    just a thought to bring upland birds to the public

    Absolutely. I will admit that I’m young enough that I never got to hunt the glory years for pheasants, in any state. I did go up to South Dakota for several years to snow goose hunt in the spring starting in ~2007. Holy cow! The pheasants we saw up there. Today, I do almost all of my hunting...
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    Anyone Use the KDWP Garmin WIHA GPS Maps?

    Probably not much help, but I always use OnX these days. It seems to be pretty up to date. Best of luck to you, friend.
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    just a thought to bring upland birds to the public

    Never said that, but things have definitely gotten better. Something to hope for, anyhow. Who knows? 20 years from now, they may again.
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    just a thought to bring upland birds to the public

    CRP is a federal program. It can change with the drop of a hat, as we’ve seen. Maybe more CRP will come along (or maybe not)? Maybe some other program will emerge? No one knows. What’s gets me is when people say “sell your dogs, sell your guns, birds are never coming back”. Frankly put, they...
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    I made it to another hunting season.......

    My body is ready!
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    Paraquat and dogs health

    It will have become an inert substance long before you or your dogs set foot in the field.
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    Here’s to a great season!

    Spending the next two weekends hunting in Iowa, and then back home to Kansas for the opener. To say I’m excited, would be an understatement!