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  1. AggieHB

    The Battle of Being Left Handed

    Most doubles have a neutral cast and can be shot by lefty’s and backwards people. A lot of the new guns that are marketed as lefthanded come with a palm swell on the left side, but are neutral cast. If you are going to order a gun or stock I would highly recommend a fitting to determine LOP and...
  2. AggieHB

    Gun fire conditioning alone

    Technically I will agree that all mental issues in dogs are caused by humans. I agree with most all of the advice here. My point is that improper breeding (such as line breeding too many times) causes problems with mental and physical health In the dogs. Hip, eye, kidney and mental problems...
  3. AggieHB

    First trip to Montana for Sharptail and Huns.

    Just returned from a 16 day swing through Montana. NE was as good as last year on sharpies I would say the Huns were down slightly. Central Montana was better this year on Huns and Sage, but way down on Sharpies. Mountains were full of Dusky’s. Big groups and multiple contacts every time...
  4. AggieHB

    Lets See Your some pic's

    Me and The Bearded Wanders on tour. We will be playing in a field near you soon.
  5. AggieHB

    What trips do you have planned for this year

    What elevation are you starting to look for Blues? I’m still trying to figure them out. I found plenty of Spruce above 8500’, but was shut out on Blues.
  6. AggieHB

    What trips do you have planned for this year

    Cooper can be good, but I like Cimarron Hills and FT Supply over it. Both of the Cimarron areas have limited hours which keeps the pressure down. All of the areas north of Woodward have a few pheasant and an occasional chicken. As Westok said there are also some nice walk in areas. Eddie...
  7. AggieHB

    What trips do you have planned for this year

    I have found Chukars in Wy and MT. Found them by accident working Our way up the mountains to hunt Spruce. I have not figured Chukars and Blues out as of yet, but hope to this year. I’m still planning to go further west sometime for Chukars and Mountain Quail. Montana has a bit of everything...
  8. AggieHB

    How do I find “Q”

    Quail are also a transition bird. Sand Plum and Fire brush are great, but you will also find them in any transition area. Shelter belts, field edges, creeks, and areas where grasses change over. In KS and NE always hunt the edges. Another area is structures. Old homesteads, corrals and...
  9. AggieHB

    Gun fire conditioning alone

    Plenty of good advice above. I generally start pups fairly young while they feed and move to birds soon afterward. The only thing I would add is that gun shyness is more often than not a sign of a mental defect in the dog. Genetics and proper breeding help or hinder training accordingly.
  10. AggieHB

    What trips do you have planned for this year

    Im heading out next month on a loop through NE, SD, MT and Wy. Going to try to do the Grouse Slam with Huns and Chukars thrown in. I’ve had pretty good luck with everything except Blues in the past, but like Westok said a walk in the mountains with your dogs is still a great day. The weather...
  11. AggieHB

    Final Rise Upland Vest

    I bought a Final Rise and a Pyke vest last year. I bought both knowing I would give One of them to my son. I’ve used and still use a Filson that I’ve had for over 20 years for quail and dove, but was always looking for something for grouse and chukar. If you’re going on long treks or in the...