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    Kansas Hunt

    I know we always laugh when the state sends out the forecast every year and says "pockets" of birds but it's usually pretty accurate. I've hunted 9 days in Kansas this season so far and have seen roosters every day out. Some fields we have seen impressive numbers despite the conditions broods...
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    are chokes easy to find for that gun? I don't care for extended chokes when upland hunting, grass and weeds like to get tangled between the chokes...
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    Colorado Blues

    That's awesome! The areas I hunt they are often eating pine needles by then.
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    Colorado Blues

    Hunter for three days for sharptails and blues and saw a lot of birds! The poor sharpies we’re getting slaughtered by droves of hunters which was quite sad to see but the blue grouse in northern Colorado had an excellent hatch. Hunter big males in the high Fir forest one afternoon and did great...
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    Colorado Blues

    I love the report Chessie! I will be chasing them all September as long as the dogs and I stay healthy.
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    northeastern, Montana October 2023 place to rent

    I would try to space your hunting days out pending on your dogs condition. If it's hot hunt early mornings etc.... It doesn't need to be intimidating.. have fun and be smart and think about whats best for the dog. If you or a buddy has a deer tag that should help!
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    First Kansas hunt

    I’ve seen the same thing over the season as well. Some of the good pockets have been spectacular too. Had a point from my female gsp that ended with a 40 bird flush out of a thick kocia patch. Probably saw close to 100 birds in that one field. Ten miles north of there we hunted several fields...
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    Colorado Blues

    Just got back from a week in grouse country with my family. Grouse numbers are looking good where we were. Lots of broods where we were but the broods were on the smaller size (2-3 young birds per covey). Made for good dog work and fun taking one bird per covey with the occasional large male.
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    Gamble’s quail in Eastern Colorado??

    Probably released birds since the closest wild population of Gambels is hundreds of miles away.
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    Giblets and Jibblets

    Hearts are great! not big but after a solid weekend of hunting can make for a great appetizer or turned into gravy.
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    Unfriendly Kansas. What's happened here?

    I avoid them also for the dogs sake!
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    NE Opener.

    I really think it depends on where you are in the state this year. There are some pockets of really nice bird numbers this year, especially quail. A buddy and I hunted sunday evening of the opener on OFW land for an hour and saw at least three dozen pheasants in one push.
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    What hunts are you planning for the upcoming season

    I'm hoping to get up to Idaho for grouse, chukar and huns in October. Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado for pheasant and quail November thru January and then AZ to end the season for quail. In the mean time it's Grouse and Ptarmigan close to home in Colorado.
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    What hunts are you planning for the upcoming season

    That doesn't sound too bad!
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    GPS Collar Availability

    I know we all love to watch our dogs run but if you're staring at a screen while you're hunting are you really watching your dogs hunt??? Just saying...
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    I have had many dogs get skunked over the years and tried many different concoctions to rid the dog of the smell. This might sound crazy but mud works better than anything. I always keep a shovel and a bucket in my truck and if a dog gets skunked you could grab some dirt and make a slurry in the...
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    New walk in map

    Sooooooo...... The NE corner was crowded enough. Now the DOW is allowing big game hunting on what looks like 80% of all walk in in the state and still not charging for a stamp. This should be an interesting season.... We don't have the amount of land that other neighboring states have for public...
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    Missing person

    I recently received an email from a close friend who has a family member that went missing in Summit county a couple weeks ago. If you know anyone heading up to the high country in that area please be on the look out. His name is Jack McAtee and he is 27 years old, 5'10" 170 lbs. He was last...
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    Pheasants Forever food plot mixes

    Has anyone ordered seed from PF this year, or in the past?
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    Blue Grouse

    Just wanted to see how many people on here are going to hunt Blues this year. I think its a great way to get myself and my dogs into shape before pheasant season!:D