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  1. Ryedog

    Model 700 Remington's

    I was the original owner of mine and it was unaltered. I probably shot it 100 to 150 times without a problem before my "incident". When it was returned, the gun store owner flipped the safety back and forth for 2 or 3 minutes before triggering the firing pin. The CNBC piece can be found on...
  2. Ryedog

    Model 700 Remington's

    Same happened to me with a 700 (243) back in the 80's (way before the recall). Getting ready to shoot a whitetail and it went off as soon as the safety was moved. Returned it to the place of purchase. The store owner didn't believe me until he was able to replicate it (unloaded).
  3. Ryedog

    Most creative/memorable No Trespassing/Posted signs.

    This seems to get peoples attention. I remember seeing a hand written one years ago in SD. It simply read "Trespassers Will Be Violated".
  4. Ryedog

    Pheasant Draw/IPLA Hunts

    Both are large multi unit properties. I hunted Pine Creek unit 4 in 2017. Good varied habitat including cattails and tall grasses. Bird numbers seemed somewhat low for the quality of habitat, but we did get 2. I did get selected for Goose Creek unit 1 next month. Any insights would be appreciated.
  5. Ryedog

    Pheasant Draw/IPLA Hunts

    The December GBA draw results are now available (through the IDNR website).
  6. Ryedog

    Great trip to SD

    Enjoyed reading - Thanks!