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    Huntable Areas?!?!?

    I am out here hunting now. Hunted by Redfield. Basically, unhuntable. Only thing you can hunt is shelterbelts. Sloughs are waist to chest high. We drove around today until we saw birds in the shelterbelts and then pounded on doors. Lots of no’s but enough yes’s to get birds. I usually come twice...
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    Pheasant Club

    I own pheasant/deer acreage in western Minnesota with two other friends. You form an LLC that the bylaws are written by an attorney who has experience in such matters. 95% of your efforts should go towards a good set of rules. Then when an issue comes up and they will, it doesn’t matter what...
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    REAL South Dakota 2021 review.

    You got some point you are making?
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    Extended season?

    Buy the OnX Hunt app for you phone. If you see a good spot where you see birds, but its not public, you can find the farmer who owns it. Being the last part of the season, you will have success gaining permission. Its an very valuable tool for hunting. Then when you get home send him a thank you...
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    Extended season?

    I just got back yesterday. Vest weather rather than a jacket. Five beautiful days. Only snow is on the north side of sloughs. You find cattails and harvested corn you will find birds.
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    Kansas Trespassing Fee for Private Land

    I hunt on 8 farms in South Dakota. How did I get so many farms to hunt on? I worked very hard to get them. I stopped in July and knocked on doors as well as asked in LATE season by stopping in with one vehicle and no more than one other hunter. I believe its imperative that the farmer knows you...
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    Noisy Roosters!!!

    Its very obvious. They are laughing at you and taunting you. Been there
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    Thanksgiving weekend report

    Reason #1, #2 #3 #4 #5 why I hunt private land only. I used to hunt public. but I got so sick of idiots.
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    Rules Changes

    This will be my 52nd year of hunting SD. Probably 300 trips. Lots of CRP, lots of birds. Little CRP few birds. I don't need charts or graphs to figure it out. My legs and missed shots will tell you the correlation is hand in hand.
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    Rules Changes

    I read all the threads and agree with all that was said. However, we all may be missing the real motivation. To accommodate the hunting lodges? Maybe the GFP had pressure put on them to expand the limit and season.
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    pheasant caller

    I have a hawk screech call. Supposedly it makes the birds freeze so you can walk up on them. I tried it for three years and I cannot say it did or did not work. It's like buying fishing tackle, you just never know.
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    Pete the wonder dog

    Its with very heavy heart that I am going to give Pete to someone who is an avid hunter. Although he is 9 1/2, he acts like he''s 2. He has many days of pheasant hunting under him. I usually pheasant hunt 40 days per year. Most of those days are in South Dakota. I am sure he has at least two...
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    Is SD shooting itself in the foot?

    Everyone who hunts SD needs to read the article by George Vandell in the September issue of Dakota Country magazine. He is a retired SD GFP biologist. He really rips the decision not to do the 2020 roadside counts by the GFP.
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    Snow Snow Snow

    Need some eyes out there. Planning to hunt last four days of season. Was going to Ipswich area, but I am flexible to go where the snow depth is manageable. Ipswich farmer says stay home, but I have hunted in deep snow before. Anybody out there that can give me some insight.
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    left eye dominant issues

    I am left eye dominant and shoot right handed. Recently, I heard of an Eyemaster Sight. It mounts on the end of the of the barrel on the left side. It supposedly will allow me to keep both eyes open and sight with my left dominant eye. Anyone out there using one or know someone using one?
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    Dominant eye issues

    I am left eye dominant and shoot right handed. For years I closed my left eye to shoot my shotgun. I recently have heard of the Eyemaster sight, which mounts on the end of the barrel. It sits on the left side of of the barrel and it will allow me to keep both eyes open and use my dominant left...
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    Why not Minot?

    Need a little feedback out there. I have an opportunity to pheasant hunt in the Minot area. I am an experienced hunter but never have hunted in that area. The farmer has lots of quarters of land, so I am sure there are places to hunt, just wondering if there are enough pheasants in that general...
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    Gettysburg hunt

    I have made two trips to Redfield area this year. Headed to Gettysburg this time on November 19. I have private land lined up, but I never have hunted that area before. Anybody out there who has an opinion about bird numbers in that area?
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    leasing farms

    Need some help out there. I have three 1,000+ acre farms I hunt on in the Clark, SD area for over 25 years. Other than very nice Christmas gifts I have never paid nor have the farmers ever brought it up. With these contacts being so precious I am thinking about giving each farm cash each year...